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Bert Pauwels

At Pauwels Consulting, we care deeply about your well-being. We don’t just want to attract strong talents, we also want you to be happy and help you grow on a personal and professional level. Only happy consultants can truly shine in the projects they work on!

Bert Pauwels

Managing Director

We surround you with a team to

guarantee your well-being

At Pauwels Consulting, you never have to face a challenge alone. Our internal team is here to support you and to teach you the skills you need to cope with difficulties and unexpected events. We’ve got your back!

Talent Manager

Our Talent Managers will help you with all your questions, wishes or comments on your development.


Do you have an issue at work? Our Business Coaches are here for you. They will help you get your project back on track.


Do you need of a bit of mentoring? Our senior consultants will gladly step up and teach you all there is to know about their domain.

Account Manager

Our Account Managers are the links between our clients and colleagues. They make sure you stay happy together!

Inclusive by nature

We embrace diversity

Everyday, we want to celebrate all the fantastic people who make a difference in our company. From our recruiters to our consultants, they are all truly amazing.

And remarkable people deserve fantastic work environments. We promise to continue our efforts to ensure a safe and non-discriminatory workspace for all of our colleagues!

This is how your colleagues experience Pauwels Consulting.

Logo Great Place to Work

‘Pauwels Consulting is responsive and cares about their consultant-employees – I truly feel I am taken care of. I receive phone calls and check-ins from my appointed contacts, HR staff is responsive, and they show personal concern and care for myself as an individual outside of work.’

Anonymous feedback on our Great Place to Work™ survey

Pauwels Consulting is more than work alone

Social events

Sports events

Family events

This is how your colleagues experience fun events at Pauwels Consulting

Caroline Talan

In 2016, I started as a Recruiter at Pauwels Consulting. In 2017, I became Account Manager for the Life Sciences division. I did that job for 2,5 years. Then I switched to the other side. I currently work as a Pauwels Consulting Project Manager for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Belgium.

Caroline Talan

Project Manager, former Recruiter & Account Manager

Don't just take our word for it

Others confirm we are a Great Place To Work™

Pauwels Consulting has been awarded the Great Place to Work® label for the past couple of years, which shows that our employees are happy and satisfied working for us. The label is therefore an honour we are very proud of.

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Kelly De Jonghe
Kelly De Jonghe Senior Recruitment Consultant