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How can we help our clients with OpEx & Lean Management?

Our OpEx consultants start off each project by talking to all the stakeholders involved. When they know the problem and the required solution, they set out to implement the necessary improvements and changes. 

Our consultants are ready for any and every project. Today, they work in a production environment where they have to improve efficiency, cut production time or boost KPI’S, and tomorrow they help a client with an administrative project where the communication has to be simplified or the reporting has to be automated. Bring on the next challenge! 

What is our added value as Pauwels Consulting?

At Pauwels Consulting, quality is everything. Our consultants are independent partners and are therefore free to figure out the real needs of our clients in ways their employees may not be able to. They bring the expertise they have gained in previous projects to the table and can therefore inspire and guide teams to find a solution that our client may not have expected, but needed nonetheless. 

The roles

We are always looking to strengthen our team with the following experts:

OpEx Performance Engineer

Our OpEx Performance Engineers provide strategic advice based on comprehensive analyses of quality, capacity and capability. They analyse and manage the available capacity of equipment in the medium and long term and proactively monitor production volumes or product transfers.

Lean Process Engineer

Our Lean Process Engineers develop and improve production processes, while taking into account the company’s strategic planning, quality policy and quality management system, including defect prevention, inspection, process control and all regulatory activities such as ISO 9001.

Kris Van Nieuwenhove

“As a consultant, I get to work on different projects in diverse teams. This means that I can learn and evolve much quicker.”People are not robots. They are the key to progress, even if progress means automation. That’s why change management is so important in our field.”

Kris Van Nieuwenhove

OpEx  Consultant

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