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About us

Technological and scientific advances are changing our world at a rapid pace. The impact of this change presents an enormous challenge to our society and our living and working environment. Pauwels Consulting chooses the path of progress. We bring people together and create opportunity. We share knowledge in a personal way and use the expertise of our people to help companies from various industries overcome their challenges.

Shoot for the moon

We are curious, eager to learn, we think long-term and we accept our responsibilities. We intend to excel in everything we do.

Strong family

We are a warmhearted family with respect for our colleagues, our clients and our fellow man. We care not only for one another but for the whole of society.

Challenge the status quo

We firmly believe that change leads to progress. We think about challenges and solutions, and not about problems. Every day we aim to challenge the status quo and encourage progress by supporting fresh ideas and new initiatives.

Authentic with a twist

We say what we will do, and then we do what we say. We are a unique, high energy team, and we enjoy taking a sideways look at ourselves and what we do. And while our business is a serious matter, we always ensure our work includes plenty of fun and enjoyment.

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