Pauwels Consulting Academy


The Pauwels Consulting Academy is a series of workshops with consultants & expert partners of Pauwels Consulting.

These sessions are organized by Pauwels Consulting, but the actual content will be provided by Pauwels people! At the Pauwels Consulting Academy, you will hear your colleagues speak about their projects and interesting techniques, methodologies, tips and best practices that you can use in your own projects. Furthermore, we also organize workshops on work-life balance, soft skills like body language or tech topics e.g. VR & AR. It’s a perfect mix of what you need to up your game as a consultant.

Goals of the Pauwels Consulting Academy

  • Knowledge transfer: If we all share our knowledge and expertise, we will know more and we will achieve more. The first goal of the Academy is therefore to share our knowledge, expertise and best practices. This will help you, your project, our clients and our company.
  • Networking: Pauwels Consulting is a large, diverse and wonderful family. The informal drinks at the end of our Pauwels Consulting Academy sessions offer the ideal opportunity to grow and strengthen your professional network.

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