Why you should work for us


We are continuously hiring new talented engineering, life sciences and IT consultants to share their knowledge & expertise to help our customers progress.

Pauwels Consulting represents 

Our company culture is based on ambition, fun, challenge and family. Dare to challenge the status quo, shoot for the moon, take care of your colleagues, be authentic and never forget to have fun along the way! Our Pauwels people breathe these values and work according to them. This clear vision and DNA has translated into rapid growth over the past 20 years. That’s why we received the Trends Gazelle for being one of the fastest-growing companies in Flanders for 8 years in a row.

So why would you take on the challenge?

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You will work for leading companies
We open doors for you at our clients, who are the best in their industry. You will be working on projects that have an impact. Your employer is demanding but we make sure you receive sufficient training and we are always here for you.

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A career full of challenge and variety
Pauwels Consulting is not limited to one sector, industry or specialty. You choose the projects that interest you. You experience different company cultures and processes, you become acquainted with new industries and broaden your skills. You will also get to work with interesting people. In short, working at Pauwels Consulting means stepping out of your comfort zone.

personal follow up and career planning

Personal follow-up and evaluation
As a consultant or freelancer, you will never start your project uninformed. We guide you from application to hire, but also during and after the project. You have a personal Talent Manager, HR Officer & point of contact that checks in regularly, thinks proactively for you and spots opportunities. There are monthly follow-up moments to talk about your personal growth and project progress.

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Being a part of our Pauwels family
We represent ambition, fun, quality and challenge. We ask you to step out of your comfort zone and grow with us, of course, you will receive ample training and support. Over 650 experienced colleagues specialized in a variety of domains are ready to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Join us at a Pauwels Academy, an after-work drink, workshop or event. You will be a part of our Pauwels family and you can count on genuine commitment.

We help you grow your career.

We are continuously hiring new talented engineering, life sciences and IT consultants or freelancers. We are selective in the people we recruit, but if you join our team you will enter a stimulating working environment with personal coaching, continuous training and challenging projects with leading clients. If you feel great, you will most definitely perform better. And if you perform better, you will help your clients and your team better. That’s why we stimulate your personal growth and help you to achieve your professional goals. If you bring your talent and ambitions to the table then we will surround you with a professional team that will help you grow your career.

Pauwels Consulting for starters

So you have a degree in engineering, life sciences or IT and you can’t wait to start an amazing career. Excellent! But do you know what you really want to do? What you truly excel at?

We can help you identify, perfect and capitalize on your strengths to kickstart your career. We will surround you with a professional team, develop a personal career path and assign you to projects and clients that support your personal growth from the very first day.

Pauwels Consulting for experienced professionals

Do you have a solid background and an ambitious mindset? Are you looking for a more diverse job with more challenging assignments? Would you like to work with a professional team that treasures its personal touch and involvement with all its members?

We can help you revitalize your career by reassigning you to projects that truly fit your ambitions and expertise. This will help you rediscover joy at work, it will help you in your personal growth and it will give you the career boost you are looking for.

Pauwels Consulting for freelance experts

Are you a freelance expert and are you looking for a professional team and stimulating peers to further boost your intellectual and personal growth? At Pauwels Consulting you will find the intellectual challenges you are looking for without compromising your professional freedom.

We aim to provide top quality and high continuity in all our projects. As a result, we only consider applications of experienced experts who are willing to invest in a long-lasting relationship with Pauwels Consulting and our clients.