Manufacturers of personal care products and cosmetics are constantly innovating to retain and consolidate their market share.

New natural products in small and convenient environmentally friendly packaging are in demand everywhere. Safety based on scientific research is the basic requirement, but it is the market demand for naturalness and environmentally conscious production that is forcing the cosmetics manufacturers to innovate and shift to new technologies and methodologies.

These innovations, together with the modularity of the company, are crucial for its growth. It involves automation, digitisation and repeatability, but also the standardisation of products and services, all without affecting the stability of the company. Pauwels Consulting is a reliable partner for the successful realisation of such projects in the context of these developments, these optimisations and this growth.

The challenges

The projects designed to meet these challenges require specific knowledge, talent and experience, which are often lacking within the organisation. As a specialist in the fields of development, engineering, project management, training, qualification, validation and supply chain, Pauwels Consulting can support companies with these projects.

The added value of Pauwels Consulting

The expertise built up over the years enables Pauwels Consulting to take on an advisory and proactive role in specific projects and to support companies before, during and after this project. The experience, partnerships and expertise make Pauwels Consulting a knowledge company in the service of its clients. We can call upon an extensive network of experts to assemble the right team for your project. But that’s not all. Throughout all projects, Pauwels consultants receive individual support through discussions and, potentially, extra training. This comprehensive approach guarantees the optimal execution of your challenging and demanding projects.

This personal touch ensures a clear win-win situation: successful results for the company as well as satisfaction for the consultant.

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