Cloud & System engineering

Digitalisation is changing the way companies work, innovate and grow. This digital era is prompting them to modernize their infrastructure in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Digital transformation starts with infrastructure and system engineering. At Pauwels Consulting, we believe that taking an open and integrated approach to support our customers is fundamental in shaping the foundations.

How do we digitally transform our clients?

Cloud engineering

We set up our own Cloud Competence Center, which is being led by an AWS certified cloud architect with a team of dedicated cloud engineers. Our cloud competence center advises our customers on cloud solutions and data migrations to the cloud.

Cloud has many definitions and not everyone is convinced by the benefits and guarantees that public cloud environments offer. We believe that switching to a cloud environment can offer a solution for a lot of your company obstacles. In addition, we also offer workshops, audits, and proof of concept projects to clarify what impact a cloud environment can have in your organisation.

Architecture & migration

Our cloud architects help our clients to define a cloud strategy that makes optimal usage of all cloud native components. They design the cloud architecture and advise on how company data should be migrated from an ‘old’ or local environment to a public cloud environment. Of course, taking into account the conditions or regulations about safety, data integrity and the possibility of integration.

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System engineering

We also set up a system competence center that is being led by a Red Hat certified architect with a team of dedicated system engineers. Pauwels Consulting has a clear vision on and open approach to technology so we partnered up with Red Hat to train our team and stimulate knowledge sharing. Red Hat is the biggest supplier of Enterprise Open Source solutions like Linux, Cloud, Container and Kubernetes.

System engineering has evolved a great deal the last couple of years. Our team understands this evolution, has good insight into our customer’s needs and supports our clients in their own evolution and obstacles.

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