Contract management & procurement

Our experienced contract & procurement experts help clients during the purchasing process of goods & services, but also assist on tenders, describing specifications, claim & contract management, etc. Our focus is always on delivering quality results.

For several years now, we have been seeing a further professionalisation in the field of tendering processes for government projects, public-private partnerships (PPPs) and private projects. Our purchasers, contract managers, tender managers, procurement experts as well as our clients are obliged to focus more on the qualitative drafting of a coherent set of specifications, the correct implementation of the tender process and the stringent follow-up of the execution of the contract.

This integrated approach to contracting, services and materials falls completely under the contract (lifecycle) management. This means that contracting and procurement are often already involved at the start and during the development of the project vision and fiche.

This has resulted in an exponential increase in the demand from our partners for a knowledge of purchasing, tendering and contract and claims management. Combining our experience in technical and complex projects, often involving different stakeholders, aids our partners with the stringent management of the entire purchasing process for one or more projects and programmes.

Our purchase experts elaborate the specifications with our customers’ engineering department. This early involvement is important in terms of being able to already make a good preselection in the group of suppliers. Where necessary, our employees use the European tender process in collaboration with our partner to initiate the project and monitor the entire process.

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Our consultants are experienced in the purchase of the following products:

  • materials;
  • IT hardware, software and services;
  • raw materials;
  • equipment and infrastructure;
  • contracts;
  • etc.

Following the selection of the right partner, the contract and procurement consultants ensure that the agreed conditions are correctly followed up on both during and at the conclusion of the project. This is often where the difference is made and the greatest contribution is demanded of our employees in this complex process.

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