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Pauwels Consulting supports its clients in building technical teams, delivering solutions, supporting hosting and build & deploy processes. We understand that data is the key to success in staying relevant in a rapidly changing market.

The data competence centre consists of a team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers and is led by a technical architect who together with the client determines the most suitable solution. On top of the infrastructure, collecting, standardizing and understanding data is the most important step in digital transformation.

This step is not an easy one and requires a lot of technical integration to retrieve data from various sources. On the business side, this changes the way of thinking and making decisions. The basic toolkit of our data science and data engineering teams consists of Python, Jupyter Notebooks, R, … We use frameworks such as Tensorflow and Keras to gain insights into the collected data.

We help our customers in three areas:

  • Collecting data: we collect data from various sources. Our integration teams help customers to make log files and live data available.
  • Processing and making data available: we build solutions based on Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Confluent to process incoming data immediately.
  • Enriching data and bringing insights

Data exists in different forms and in different applications within an organization. Data Engineering is the extraction, translation and centralization of the multitude of data in order to gain insights or base decisions on it.


The data engineering team is led by a certified Spark & Kafka architect. Everyone in the data engineering team has a good understanding of information systems and modern software engineering (Agile approach, DevOps, Design Patterns, Service Oriented Architectures).

Our team consists of data architects who design the architecture with the client and explain new concepts to a diverse audience within your organization. In addition to the data architects, we have several data engineers working on the architecture. They write scripts and deploy models to translate data from source to target system. This is usually written in Python, where the most common frameworks are used, such as Pandas.

We help customers to collect their data, define data models and translate collected data into one central piece of information. Both batch processing and streaming data processing are included in the proposed architectures.

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Data Science

Data Science is a broad concept. The Data Science team at Pauwels Consulting sees it as its task to help clients to get value out of their data. This can be done by gaining insights into datasets or by enriching data using smart algorithms.

Our team consists of engineers with a background in mathematics and computer science. They mainly use Python as the basic programming language and are active in areas such as computer vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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