DevOps & Development

Technology will take up an ever-increasing part of everyday life. Every organisation is looking for a way to market itself within this evolution by digitising services and processes. We guide our clients in this evolution and rapidly changing landscape and offer tailormade solutions.

Application development


We don’t believe in technology for the sake of technology. Each application emerges from a business idea. Our clients call on us to carry out audits, supervise exploratory workshops or help shape a digital strategy. Defining a technical solution starts with doing the necessary research. Our experts support you with the translation of your business needs into functional and technical designs and with the development, support and validation of your applications.

New technology

New concepts and possibilities arise at a fast pace and it is not always easy to foresee which technology is relevant for your business or will remain so. At Pauwels Consulting, we keep a close eye on these developments and inform our customers in order to make the right decision in an informed manner. We do this by sharing knowledge in seminars and workshops.

On behalf of our customers, we also build prototypes and carry out research with new components.


Our developers work together with business teams at the client’s premises in order to deliver a correct, tailor-made solution. Our developers are specialized in a wide range of programming languages: JAVA, Javascript, .NET, React, Angular, NODE, Python, R, RPG/ILE, …

Software integration

Software from scratch can be useful in some cases. In addition to these from-scratch solutions, our integration teams are working to integrate business applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Sharepoint and Dynamics for our clients.

Hosting & Support

If required, we host the application with one of our partners or in a public cloud environment. Our consultants offer the necessary support afterward.


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Besides a clear vision to build an open architecture, we consider DevOps as an essential part of a successful application. Applying a DevOps approach allows business teams to release an application faster. Automating a deploy and integration process is not only using some specific tools but it requires a lot of awareness and change in the development teams to implement this in a sustainable way.

Our DevOps teams assist our customers with the implementation of DevOps practices and tools. We do this through workshops, training and hands-on support.

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