Inspection & supervision

Our site inspectors, site leaders and construction managers help you with the qualitative and safe execution of your project.

In addition to good preparation, a project also needs to be followed up to the last detail. After all, the client wants a qualitative and safe execution of the project and will use the right tools and resources for this. It is the task of our Site Inspectors, Site Leaders and Construction Managers to deliver the project successfully by means of regular inspections and on-site supervision.

These experts in low voltage, high voltage, architecture as well as in automation, piping and mechanics ensure a correct follow-up and carry out regular inspections for monitoring and follow-up. During the project, they work closely with the site managers and project managers of the contractor. We have experienced employees with this expertise who are currently working for large construction companies in Belgium. Not only the safety and the quality of the work is monitored; all parties are involved in order to complete the project within the requested deadline and within the set budget.

Our inspection & supervision consultants all have a VCA certificate, as well as a BA4 or BA5 certificate if necessary.

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Projects that Pauwels Consulting experts have successfully finished:

  • Diabolo Project Tucrail-Infrabel
  • Signal boxes for Tuc Rail -Infrabel
  • Regional Express Network Tuc Rail – Infrabel
  • Stevin Project – Elia
  • Brabo Project – Elia
  • Extension of the factory for batteries – Audi
  • Construction of the gas compression station Zelzate – Fluxys
  • Renewal of the gas compression station Winskele – Fluxys