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The happiness of our consultants is most important to us. If our consultants are happy at the end of the day, so are we. And if our consultants in turn make our clients happy, then we are completely satisfied!

We are always there for our consultants

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As Talent Managers, we are the link between our consultants, Pauwels Consulting and our clients. We are always there for our consultants, both on and off the job. We look for career opportunities that suit each of them, analyse training requests and refer our consultants to the right colleagues. We also organise feedback moments and an annual evaluation. This all fits within our mission to map out the personal ambitions of our consultants and help them to increase their market value.

Personal contact is also important at Pauwels Consulting. We are always available to our consultants and speak to them often. We offer a listening ear and regularly check whether our consultants are still satisfied with their job. This enables us to detect any issues at an early stage, both with the client and the consultant, and act independently in the interests of all parties concerned.

Of course, we don’t focus exclusively on the careers of our consultants. We sometimes visit their new babies, we organise activities to bring everyone closer together and we encourage knowledge sharing between our consultants. That is how we create a close family bond within Pauwels Consulting!

We build bridges every day

Every day, we build bridges between different parties, as we bring consultants into contact with clients and with each other. We build and stimulate communities, so everyone feels welcome and safe. This way, we also embed our consultants within our own organisation, providing a safe haven for them to return to after each project.

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