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5 Salary negotiations tips for a good start

20 Dec 2019
An interesting job, a fun work environment, great career opportunities ... These are all features that can make your job attractive. But each month you will have to pay your bills. So at some point, you will need to talk about money.

At what point in your job application process should you indicate how much you want to earn? And how can you do this without coming across as a greedy Scrooge McDuck? In this article, you will find 5 salary negotiation tips to start your new job on the right foot.

5 Salary Negotiation tips for a good start!

  1. Do your homework
    Find out how much other people with similar knowledge, experience and in similar positions are earning before you go to your first job interview. This will help you set realistic expectations. This in turn, will help you with your salary negotiations and it will prevent you from disappointments.
  2. Hit & run will work against you
    Prevent yourself from communicating your salary expectations too fast and too aggressively. You don’t want to look greedy. Don’t start about your salary in your first interview with a potential employer. Wait for the interviewer to bring the subject up. If you come across as a greedy person, the interviewer may doubt your motivation.
  3. Be clear but not too specific
    Don’t mention a specific amount of money when an interviewer asks you what you want to earn. After all, you will never know the exact salary package that your potential employer has in mind. It is, therefore, safer to provide a bandwidth with minimum and maximum salary expectations that you expect to earn after taxes have been paid.
  4. Money is just one way to reward you
    Do not dwell on your salary! Additional benefits such as flexible hours, training, personal coaching and fringe benefits such as a company car should also be taken into consideration. The combination of an average salary and comprehensive fringe benefits may very well outweigh a top salary with fewer fringe benefits.
  5. Be realistic
    Do not sell yourself short but think in the long term! Will you be really happy with this job? Does it give plenty of room for development? And can this job give your career a good start or a nice boost? In that case, invest in yourself and go for a win-win situation with your new employer. A relationship where both parties benefit will always last longer.

Realistic salary negotiations for a mutually beneficial relationship

In short: do your homework, be realistic, be assertive but never aggressive, think long term and look beyond your salary. This way, you can earn good money and (more importantly) really enjoy your job. Consider every job as a step in your career path. Keep your goal in mind, but make sure you enjoy every step of the way.

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