Exploring New Frontiers: Pauwels Consulting’s Bold Leap into Space with ATG Europe

21 Jan 2024

Press Release for Immediate Release

Ghent, Belgium, January 21th, – In a significant move that heralds a new era in space and big science sectors, Pauwels Consulting, a prominent player in science and technology consulting, has strategically invested a considerable stake into ATG Europe. This investment is more than a business expansion; it’s a foray into the realms of space exploration and big science, marking a milestone in both companies’ histories.

Bert Pauwels, CEO of Pauwels Consulting, articulates the investment in ATG Europe as a strategic evolution that aligns seamlessly with Pauwels Consulting’s overarching goals. “Diving into the Space and Big Science industry is a deliberate and harmonious extension of our long-term objectives. With this collaboration with ATG Europe, we are not only continuing this trajectory but also enriching the market with our comprehensive range of services, from expert consultancy to integrated solutions.

The partnership with ATG Europe propels us into a cutting-edge vertical with immense potential for cross-sectoral synergies. By venturing into space and big science, we are enhancing our capabilities and reinforcing our commitment to being at the forefront of technological advancement.”

Gian Carlo Coletta, CEO of ATG Europe, shares the enthusiasm for this transformative union. “Becoming a part of Pauwels Consulting Group is a strategic step for ATG Europe. As a company at the forefront of aerospace innovation, this partnership enables us to expand our horizons while continuing our commitment to pioneering research and development.”

Furthermore, continues Gian Carlo, “while ATG will continue its operations seamlessly and independently with the current Executive’s Management, the presence of the Pauwels/Andera in the ATG shareholding it is valuable and beneficial for all of our employees and customers, providing alternative opportunities, experiences and stability in the sometime fluctuating markets’ cycles”. 

 Bert Pauwels emphasizes the significant contribution of Andera Partners to this strategic initiative: “Our partnership with Andera Partners, serving as our private equity ally, is instrumental in propelling our organization to new heights and reinforcing our European footprint. The invaluable support and guidance from Andera Partners have been cornerstones in realizing our expansive growth ambitions, notably in facilitating this key important investment.”

This investment is not just a business transaction but a meeting of minds and values. Bert Pauwels emphasizes the importance of the ‘inter-human click’ and shared values in making this partnership a reality. “From our first meeting, there was a sense of magic. It’s about aligning deeper company values that go beyond words on a website.”

Gian Carlo Coletta echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the significance of shared values and mutual respect. “Our greatest asset is our people. The fact that Pauwels Consulting respects and values its team as much as we do, was a determining factor in our decision to join them. We’re excited to foster this shared principle and develop a unified strategy that prioritizes our customers’ interests.”

As both companies embark on this new journey, the focus remains on innovation, synergy, and leveraging their combined strengths to explore new opportunities in space and beyond. “In the universe of Space and Big Science, the sky’s not the limit – it’s just the beginning!” concludes Gian Carlo Coletta, encapsulating the spirit of this ambitious venture.

Contact Information:

Pauwels Consulting
Koen Bogaert
+32 476861052

ATG Europe
Livia Ranieri
+39 345 5511897

About Pauwels Consulting:

Pauwels Consulting, originally established in 1999 by Bert Pauwels, has grown into a distinguished conglomerate in the consulting industry. With a focus on Engineering, Life Sciences, IT, and beyond, Pauwels Consulting upholds a philosophy centred around the personal and professional development of its consultants. This commitment ensures that the team delivers substantial and lasting impacts on clients’ projects daily. The group also prioritizes cultivating enduring relationships with clients and partners, a testament to its client-centric approach.

Boasting a dynamic team of over 1500 consultants, the company maintains a robust presence across Europe. The group encompasses diverse companies, next to Pauwels Consulting there is Science@Work, 4people, Vandycke & Partners, Ormit,, Openweb, and more. This rich portfolio illustrates the group’s dedication to offering comprehensive solutions across various sectors. Pauwels Consulting’s strategic growth is further evidenced by its history of discerning acquisitions, significantly enhancing its footprint in the European market.

About ATG Europe:

ATG Europe, established over 50 years ago as an engineering company primarily focused on the space sector, has undergone significant evolution, demonstrating growth in various aspects, including workforce, revenues, European presence, and expertise. 

Today, ATG relies on a team of 450 highly skilled international employees representing 32 different nationalities, fostering a company culture driven by curiosity. ATG now holds intellectual property rights for innovative engineering solutions. Our comprehensive offerings encompass value-added engineering consultancy, services and solutions, 3D visualizations, VR/AR experiences, technology services, and recognized management support. 

ATG serves both institutional and industrial clients in the space and nuclear energy sector, elevating their capabilities, enhancing performances, and boosting competitiveness. At ATG, we not only envision but also bring customer projects to life, actively driving innovation and accelerating progress. This commitment is more than a mere statement; it defines our daily conduct, outlining our approach to turning customer visions into reality, accelerating innovation! 

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