Pauwels Consulting continues its expansion in France

20 Mar 2020
Last year, we opened up our new office in Paris, the third office in France. At the same time, Nicolas Aubert, Business Unit Director France, and Agathe Balland, Talent Acquisition Manager, started their mission. We had a lovely sit down to talk about their ambitions and growth strategy for Pauwels Consulting in France.

Welcome, Nicolas & Agathe! Could you introduce yourselves?

NA: My name is Nicolas, the Business Unit Director for France and I started this adventure in November 2019. I am in charge of the integration of Pauwels Consulting in the Paris & Lille ‘ecosystem’. I have more than 20 years of experience in sales and over 9 years of experience in launching and managing new IT consultancy business units.

AB: I am Agathe, the new Talent Acquisition Manager, and I just very recently joined Pauwels Consulting in February. I will be in charge of the human capital development and coaching of employees in the Paris business unit. I have more than 6 years of professional experience including 4 years in general recruitment and 2 years in IT recruitment.

Nicolas, what opportunities do you see for Pauwels Consulting in France?

Nicolas Aubert Business Unit Director FranceThe objective of Pauwels Consulting France is to continue to establish itself at a European level, expand locally in France and to create completely autonomous entities managed in pairs by a Talent Acquisition Manager and a Business Solution Manager.

The French market is no longer looking for a traditional service provider, but for a real partner with whom you can build a close business relationship built on trust. It is not just a question of meeting the technical requirements, but also being able to provide the added value on a human level.

Agathe, how will you attract the right talent and will you focus on a certain profile?

Agathe Balland Talent ManagerWe are using a talent-centric approach to recruitment: we are building a very people-oriented agency that offers an entrepreneurial adventure, where every individual is recognized as an expert in his or her field of work and where you can freely express your vision.

We select our projects to ensure that our talent reveals and reaches their full potential and to support them in the development of new skills in line with their aspirations.

Our talent orientation is based on 3 IT-expertises:

  • Digital & software development
  • Cloud & Big Data
  • Evangelism of DevOps & Agile

What are your ambitions for Pauwels Consulting in France?

Our ambitions are driven by the desire to put human values back at the core of our business. We want to involve our consultants in the success of our business project. We work hard to achieve a reasoned growth that enables the best possible support for our talent and partners.

How will you realize your ambitious plans?

By making maximum use of our energy, showing tremendous commitment and exploiting our endless enthusiasm!

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