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20 Mar 2020
We are currently facing challenging times and find ourselves in a situation that very few were prepared for. Our government has justly requested that everyone temporarily adapt their way of living and working, and to give precedence to crucial sectors.

Pauwels Consulting has been the partner of companies in many industries for over 20 years now and is active in 3 important domains where we help build and support key services.

  • Life sciences: important for the development of medicines and production of medical supplies
  • Engineering: essential in providing utilities like electricity, gas, water, fuel and telecom
  • ICT: facilitating the new, virtual way of life and work

Throughout Pauwels Consulting’s history, we’ve always been known for our highly educated engineers. This has enabled us to execute and aid in the development of new projects, both as a supplier and a partner.
Today, the challenges we’re facing are of an entirely different nature and existing processes have to be rethought completely to guarantee the care for those affected and safeguard basic amenities for everyone.

van thuis werkenSo far, we have noticed an increasing demand for temporary specialists for projects that until recently were ‘business as usual’, such as workplace management, user support, communication, … Business is currently far from usual, which forces us towards more flexibility and creative solutions. Knowledge transfer, onboarding, administration, decision validation are all processes that seem awfully complicated in times of remote work. But they don’t have to be.

So, even now, we try to be the partner you need and help wherever we can.

  • If you need temporary support to guarantee the continuity of your processes, let us know how we can help. We have an extensive network of talented professionals (administration, ICT, production, research, security,..) that are immediately available
  • We work 100% digitally ourselves and are convinced that you can too. If you have practical concerns about the use of tools for remote work, remote onboarding, knowledge transfer, digital signing, … our IT teams will gladly help you. Digital and remote work doesn’t have to be an obstacle to have the right people on your teams.

You can count on us. We are happy to help.
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