Pauwels Consulting is a Best Workplace in 2024

20 Mar 2024

Pauwels Consulting is in the top three Best Workplaces in the Extra Large Organisations category! We achieved second place among top companies striving for an ever-improving workplace where everyone feels at home and where there is room to excel. What does this mean for us, our employees and our customers?

Pauwels Consulting ontving de award van Best Workplace in de categorie extra grote bedrijven.
Pauwels Consulting is a Best Workplace 2024 in the category extra large companies

What does Best Workplace mean?

The ‘Best Workplace in Belgium’ award is awarded to organisations that excel in creating a positive working environment for their employees. This recognition is awarded based on various criteria, including employee surveys, culture, working conditions, leadership, and other factors that contribute to employee well-being and satisfaction.

A work environment to be proud of

For us, this recognition is not only a prestigious title, but also a confirmation of our efforts to provide an excellent working environment. It means that our employees can enjoy a working environment where trust, pride and fun are central. This not only has a positive impact on their well-being, but also on their performance and engagement.

Great Place to Work 2024

Earlier this year, we were named Great Place to Work in the Large Organisations category for the third year in a row. We are extremely proud of this title, particularly because we are actively working on improving our organisational culture on a continual basis. By regularly collecting feedback and listening to our employees, we can continue to grow and develop as an employer. This enables us not only to satisfy our current workforce, but also to remain attractive to future talent.

What does Great Place to Work mean?

The title is the result of a positive review by research and consultancy firm Great Place to Work. In Belgium, the organisation chose to collaborate with Vlerick Business School. This is where the researchers can be found who analyse our results and report back to us with a clear overview of the outcomes.

Pauwels Consulting prepares the survey itself by conducting an extensive culture audit based on predefined questions. This audit is carried out by the internal Great Place to Work team, consisting of employees from different teams with a lot of experience. The topics we cover in the audit include our characteristics as an employer, our approach to creating a unique work environment, our strategy and philosophy, and how we maximise the potential of all our employees. All services, the aspects we are proud of, and what sets us apart from other companies are also covered.

The second part of the survey involves the Trust Index Survey, a standardised questionnaire that Great Place to Work provides to all our employees. This measures the level of pride, trust and satisfaction within our organisation. This structured approach gives our employees the opportunity to share suggestions and feedback anonymously, contributing to a culture of transparency and continuous improvement.

Pauwels Consulting is a Best Workplace

How do you become a Best Workplace? We achieved a highly positive result in our culture audit and Trust Index Survey as part of Great Place to Work, ranking in the top ten of all participating companies in the Extra Large Organisations category. This meant we received an automatic nomination for the title Best Workplace.

And the verdict came in last week – we were ranked second in the Extra Large Organisations category for Best Workplace in Belgium! We are extremely honoured to be among great companies such as Bank van Breda (first place) and Torfs (third place).

Specifically, this means that our score in the Great Place to Work survey came second among all companies in our category.

Always learning

The Great Place to Work and Best Workplace labels help us to stand out in the market as a great place to work. They are a sign of quality that build trust with both our current and future colleagues and customers. We are therefore determined to continue to earn this recognition and to maintain and strengthen our position as one of the best workplaces in Belgium.

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