14 Years of Excellence: Pauwels Consulting Named Trends Gazelle Ambassador in Flemish Brabant’s Extra Large Companies Category

25 Mar 2024

Pauwels Consulting celebrates its 14th consecutive year as a Trends Gazelle, this year achieving the Ambassador title in the large companies category in Flemish Brabant. Through rigorous evaluation of growth metrics like value addition and workforce expansion, Pauwels Consulting reaffirms its commitment to excellence and innovation in the region’s business landscape.

CEO Bert Pauwels proudly received the award, as this year marks a milestone that's particularly close to our hearts—it's the first time we've been judged in the category of large companies in Flemish Brabant, and we've been awarded as the # 1 Trends Gazelle Ambassador!

Achieving the Title of Trends Gazelle Ambassador

In a remarkable achievement for the 14th consecutive year, Pauwels Consulting has clinched the prestigious title of Trends Gazelle from Trends Kanaal Z. This year, however, holds special significance as it marks our inaugural evaluation in the large companies category in Flemish Brabant, where we proudly secured the top position as the #1 Trends Gazelle Ambassador!

The Path to Becoming a Trends Gazelle

The journey to becoming a Trends Gazelle is not paved with flashy presentations or dynamic sales pitches; rather, it is forged through robust growth metrics: increased value addition, expansion in workforce, and enhanced cash flow.

Objective Selection Process

Unlike typical awards where companies vie for recognition, Trends Gazelle selection operates on an objective premise. Every company filing its balance sheet with the National Bank automatically enters the reckoning. Trends Business Information meticulously analyzes financial data from the past five fiscal years to create an impartial ranking.

The Significance of Hard Figures

According to Jozef Vangelder, a respected journalist at Trends, “The Gazelle competition thrives on hard figures, which is its inherent strength. It’s not a beauty contest; subjectivity plays no role. The ranking is solely determined by the company’s growth over the last five years—measured in terms of value addition, cash flow, and workforce. The top-ranked company earns the title of ‘Ambassador,’ provided it maintains operational independence, excluding subsidiaries of multinationals. Pauwels Consulting’s top spot in the category of large companies in Flemish Brabant this year underscores its status as the highest-ranked independent Flemish company, rightfully earning it the accolade. It’s a well-deserved win; Pauwels Consulting’s fourteenth nomination as a Gazelle is a testament to its phenomenal performance.”

Quantitative Analysis by Trends Top

Trends Top’s quantitative analysis categorizes companies into three groups based on their value addition:

  1. Small companies (with value addition less than 1 million euros)
  2. Medium-sized companies (with value addition ranging from 1 to 5 million euros)
  3. Large companies (with value addition exceeding 5 million euros)

Criteria for Evaluation

Trends Gazelles are the fastest growing companies. To evaluate their growth, a period of five years is analyzed. To obtain this year’s results, the 5 years between 2022 and 2018 are being considered.

Their financial records from the past five years are then scrutinized against three growth criteria, and a ranking is established based on:

  • Increase in value addition
  • Expansion of workforce
  • Enhancement of cash flow

There are minimum requirements to qualify. The first is that the company has been founded over 5 years ago. Another criterion is that companies must have created at least 10 job positions since inception to qualify. Furthermore, Trends’ editorial team ensures that the companies exhibit sufficient operational independence.

Recognition and Commendation

The company topping the list earns the esteemed title of Trends Gazelle Ambassador for a year and receives commendation. All other qualifying companies are recognized as nominees for Trends Gazelle 2024.

A Testament to Dedication and Excellence

In essence, the Trends Gazelle award isn’t just a badge of honor; it’s a testament to unwavering dedication, relentless growth, and operational excellence. As we celebrate this milestone, Pauwels Consulting remains committed to driving innovation, fostering talent, and contributing to the dynamic business landscape of Flemish Brabant and beyond.

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