Pauwels Consulting helped obtain the ISO 9001 certificate at Lariplast

08 Oct 2019
Pauwels Consulting started an ISO 9001 quality management project at Lariplast France in Marle, Aisne. The goal of the project was to advise and support Lariplast during the implementation of the ISO 9001 standard and to obtain the renowned ISO 9001 certification.

To jump-start this project, Junior Consultant Engineering Services Elodie Ancion and Senior Consultant Luc Marivoet performed a diagnostic analysis of the company. Then they gave an introductory presentation at Lariplast to increase the overall quality and ISO 9001 awareness within the company.

We had an interesting talk with Karima Aoucha – the Pauwels Consulting Account Manager for Lariplast –  about this quality management project in France and the role of our consultants during the implementation of ISO 9001.

Can you please introduce Lariplast?

Lariplast France is a company founded in 2013 specializing in the production of plastic cups. Lariplast delivers its cups throughout France to clients from various industries: supermarkets, water cooler and spring suppliers, catering companies, etc. The company has two production lines and ingenious packaging technology.

When and why did Lariplast approach Pauwels Consulting?

Lariplast strives to offer high-quality products that meet international safety standards, from the production, packaging and storage stages to delivery. At the same time, Lariplast is an ecologically responsible company. They are very concerned about reducing their environmental impact. Lariplast decided to take measures to implement the ISO 9001 standard and obtain the required quality and safety certifications. The CEO of Lariplast France started looking for a reliable partner to consult him – and Lariplast as a whole – about ISO 9001.

Eventually, he contacted Pauwels Consulting in March, asking about our ability to help Lariplast with the implementation of ISO 9001. Based on our expertise in the field of ISO 9001, the know-how of our consultants and after an exploratory diagnostic analysis, he decided to partner up with Pauwels Consulting.

Why was Lariplast specifically interested in ISO 9001?

The ISO 9001 standard is a renowned quality management certification, a testimony to quality if you will. ISO 9001 provides guarantees in terms of organizational quality within a company. As a result, Lariplast decided to obtain the certification for its French site.

How did Pauwels Consulting help Lariplast with ISO 9001?

Lariplast was concerned about the quality, hygiene and safety of its products and services and about maintaining its performance and satisfying its customers. Our quality management consultants supported and guided Lariplast during the set-up, implementation and maintenance of certified ISO 9001 quality management systems without compromising quality, hygiene and safety. On the contrary! (Smiles)

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What were the first steps of Pauwels Consulting in this project?

In July 2017, our consultants went on-site to perform a diagnostic audit. They identified possible deviations and considered necessary actions and measures. After that, they drew-up a diagnostic report. After having read the report, the CEO of Lariplast decided to partner up with Pauwels Consulting to obtain the ISO 9001 certification.

After that, we agreed on an intervention plan to map the necessary adjustments and to provide Lariplast with a detailed overview of the measures that needed to be taken. Our colleagues Luc and Elodie also gave an interesting presentation at Lariplast about the importance of the ISO 9001 certification to increase overall quality and ISO 9001 awareness within the company.

How was Luc and Elodie’s presentation received?

The presentation was well received. It was aimed at informing the various stakeholders of Lariplast: from the definition of quality and the key stages of the ISO 9001 certification, to the process of obtaining the actual certification. This presentation made it possible to explain the importance of quality and its implementation within the company in a clear and detailed way. A company-wide presentation like this is a valuable and rewarding step during the implementation process.

What were the next steps in the project?

The project started in July 2017 and took about a year. Luc and Elodie didn’t work on the project full-time though. They visited and cooperated with Lariplast on several occasions for short interventions. Based on those interventions, Lariplast was able to take the appropriate actions to prepare for the next meetings.

What were those key steps?

  • further stimulating company-wide awareness
  • defining the processes that are essential to the company
  • providing the necessary tools and processes
  • testing these processes
  • verifying and validating the implemented processes
  • carrying out internal audits according to ISO 9001
  • accompanying the actual ISO 9001 certification process

Lariplast successfully implemented the ISO9001 quality management system, together with our consultants and obtained the quality certificate.

Are you looking for help in obtaining your ISO 9001 certificate?

Our Quality Managers are happy to help!

Luc Marivoet, our quality expert

Luc Marivoet is Prevention Counselor & Quality Officer at Pauwels Consulting. He has over 25 years of experience in quality management positions. In these positions, he provided support and supervision in an international context (Europe and Asia). Luc now uses his experience to set up, implement, monitor and follow up certified ISO 9001 quality management systems and Supplier Quality Assurance activities. Luc is currently working at a Belgian engineering office specialized in rail infrastructure and technology for the implementation of an integrated management system (ISO 9001 & ISO 45001). He also teaches QHS Management Systems (ISO 9001 and ISO 45001).

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