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Pauwels Consulting is a strong family

28 Oct 2022

Pauwels Consulting is a strong family

We’ve had some great team building moments these last few months at Pauwels Consulting. Not for nothing ‘a strong family’ is 1 of our core values. Our Family Day, the Corporate Cycling Challenge, Afterwork drinks… Time for a short throwback, and a look at our future plans.

The Pauwels Consulting Family Day 

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Every year, our consultants and back-office crew get together to get to know each other and each other’s families better. This year, the Family Day took place at ZOO Planckendael.

The day got off to a good start: upon arrival, a refined breakfast buffet awaited our guests. The perfect opportunity to get to know each other better! We were able to catch up with colleagues, anonymous e-mail addresses suddenly got a face, and family stories were now filled in by the protagonists themselves.

Once we had finished the croissants, oatmeal and pancakes, we dove into the zoo. We discovered how Planckendael helps endangered animals and had a lot of fun in the animal park and its many playgrounds. Perhaps the surroundings played a part, but our colleagues all described their children as “little monkeys” that day.

Why Planckendael? 

But why exactly did we choose Planckendael for our Family Day? We had a very good reason: Pauwels Consulting has adopted an animal! The choice was not difficult. When you are crowned Trends Gazelle 11 times in a row, you quickly end up with… a gazelle.

Our female rhim gazelle reaches speeds of up to 60 km per hour and covers distances of up to 30 km per day. A nice link to the sporty nature of our company.

To be continued

Usually we organize 1 Family Day per year. This year, however, we will organize 2: at the end of November our families will join us at the Pauwels Consulting Film Day. Our colleagues have already received their invitation, so the countdown can begin. Haven’t you registered yet? Do so quickly!

Corporate Cycling Challenge

In the middle of September, our next teambuilding was scheduled: the Corporate Cycling Challenge! It was the 2nd time that we participated in this unofficial Belgian Championship for Corporate Cycling, and we have to admit: it tastes like more.

2 Pauwels Consulting teams of consultants and back-office employees competed for the title. In the end, we didn’t win a medal, but 1 thing is for sure: the prize for the ‘most fun’ goes to us! Don’t believe us? Just watch!


New plans 

The achievements of our athletes have us dream of even more cycling fun. And not just for our well-trained colleagues. We’ve heard some whispers in the corridors of Pauwels Consulting that there are plans to organize a family bike ride in the spring of 2023. Stay tuned!

AfterWork Drinks

Just about every month, we also organize an Afterwork Drink to bring our consultants and back-office staff together. A padel match, a game of virtual racing or an evening at the bar? We do it all!

Those afterwork drinks allow us to get to know each other better in a smaller setting. A bit of sports and some nice snacks always make the evening complete. Our next afterwork drink is scheduled for November 17. See you there! 

What about you?

At Pauwels Consulting, we have been investing in employee satisfaction for over 22 years. We are in the Belgian top 10 of Best Workplaces® (medium-sized companies category) for a reason. You don’t achieve that status by organising 1 event a year, but by consistently working on the relationship with and between our consultants.

Do you want to be at our next team building event? Check out our job board, forward your CV, and who knows, maybe you’ll soon be part of our big Pauwels Consulting family. And if you have “little monkeys,” they are of course welcome to attend our next family day. 😊

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