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Working as an IT Support Officer: Pascal Verbaere

06 Jul 2020
In our series 'Pauwels people' we talk with our consultants about life as a consultant, working for Pauwels Consulting and our clients. Today, we give the word to Pascal Verbaere, IT Support & Helpdesk Officer.

In which IT domain do you work?
I work as an IT support & helpdesk Officer and I handle multilingual incoming IT request about issues.

How long have you been working for Pauwels Consulting?
I started working for Pauwels Consulting in 2012. I liked the Pauwels vibe and I applied for a vacancy at  Wincor/Nixdorf in Zaventem which is close to where I live (Brussels). In the first period at Wincor/Nixdorf, I did remote support for banks with regard to ATM money machines.

Tell us a bit more about your projects
I’m just in between projects right now. My last project was at Delhaize, for Diebold/Nixdorf. We offered remote support for all Delhaize shops in Belgium, mostly related to the cashier systems but also pc and server issues. In a few days, I will start working for Capgemini as a user support officer for software, hardware and other computer systems.

How do you look back on your IT career? Which project did you find most interesting, which company did you like most?
Before I started at Pauwels Consulting, I worked a while for Sibelga in Brussels, as a 1st & 2nd line support agent and I liked it a lot, because it was a job with lots of variation and movement, I did not only offer remote support but I also went on location every now and then. During my last project at Delhaize, I very much appreciated the pleasant team atmosphere and the good team leader.

What are your favourite IT tools/sources/…?

There is no specific tool that I am particularly fond of, my greatest satisfaction is to be able to solve any IT issue right away and thus help people in need.

Do you have some good advice for young IT professionals?
I would advise young people who are at the start of their career to be patient and not to give up too easily. I have worked with many young people and I’ve noticed that they tend to switch jobs/companies very easily because they strive for a perfect picture. However, nothing is perfect, and job satisfaction depends on a variety of factors, so it is important to view the complete picture.

What are your hobbies & interests?

I like doing sports in my spare time, preferably outdoor sports like running, biking and hiking. I love being outside and getting a breath of fresh air after work. I have participated in several sports events organised by Pauwels Consulting, such as the Zermatt Marathon in Switzerland in 2014 and the biking tour in Temse a couple of years ago.

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