Helping consultants

and enabling great careers

Helping consultants
and enabling great careers

“We go home happy in the evening if we’ve been able to help all our consultants well and quickly during the day. This is very satisfying and we get a lot of appreciation for it. Helping consultants and enabling great careers on a daily basis. That’s what we’re all about!”

We asked Mélodie Rogiers, HR Director at Pauwels Consulting, about how the HR team works in practice and the added value of the team for Pauwels Consulting consultants.


We really love our job!

Our HR team is the first point of contact for our consultants before, during and after their employment at Pauwels Consulting. Our task is to onboard our consultants smoothly so that they immediately feel welcome at Pauwels Consulting and their clients. We also ensure a smooth transition when employees leave the company. During employment, we take care of as many administrative tasks as possible for our consultants so they can focus on their work.

We answer any questions about salaries, social legislation, insurance, holidays, timesheets, expenses and more as quickly and effectively as possible. We also ensure that our consultants are paid correctly and on time and that we further streamline our processes to do even better going forward. We speak to many different consultants in very different situations, which keeps our job interesting and exciting.

Why we do what we do

At Pauwels Consulting, we want to create a warm, family atmosphere where everyone feels at home and wants to learn from and with each other. The better we all feel, the better we can help our customers. This has always been the basis for our growth, from our founding in 1999 to now. The HR team consists of friendly people with big hearts. We not only help our consultants with answers to questions or solutions to problems; we also take as much time as possible to really listen to the concerns, questions and needs of our staff.

It is extremely satisfying if we can help our consultants, especially in difficult times when they are unable even to attend. That’s when we are full of ‘soft’ HR: listening, questioning, comforting and immediately looking for ways to remove as many concerns as possible. Despite the emotions involved, we must also continue to look for solutions in a down-to-earth manner.  The appreciation shown by our consultants is extremely satisfying.

HR team sub

Our promise to you

At Pauwels Consulting, we always try to go the extra mile. For us, HR is not just a department; it’s is a continuous process to help our consultants as transparently and efficiently as possible. We want to listen and help our consultants focus on their work, development and career. So, if you’d like to start or continue your career in a great company that you know, care about and that wants to grow with you, let us know!

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