A new job while re- and upskilling

Accelerate your career with our Training Programs

A new job

You start working as a consultant with a permanent contract. You’re paid for your efforts and talent as you would be in any job, but with an extra layer of training and guidance.

Work, train, improve

You learn on the job and in the training sessions we planned for you. These training sessions take place during the working week, in agreement with the client you work for.

We support your talent

It’s a challenge, but you’re not alone! You have an entire team to support you: the Training Program team, your mentor and coach, your peers and trainers.

The war for talent is your opportunity

You’ve probably heard of the “war for talent”. Are you excited? You should be because it’s your opportunity to acquire skills that companies are fighting over. Our clients always need highly-skilled people and want to invest in emerging talent, while you get to use your transferable skills and be up- or reskilled. Our consultant Narek M. did just that. Read or watch his testimony and be inspired to apply.

Consultants on Training Programs work for great clients

How will you balance working and learning?


We ensure that you can start smoothly. We organize welcome moments during your onboarding, and help you get to know the client, peers and senior consultants. At our Welcome Event, we also introduce you to your Pauwels Consulting colleagues. We will give you all the information and sometimes even training in advance so you are well prepared. You can always keep in touch with the Training Program Team, your Talent Manager and HR.


In parallel with your new job, you have a personalized schedule with training sessions, and frequent meetings with your mentor, coach and the Training Program team. You acquire a good mix of technical skills, consulting skills and soft skills. The sessions take place during your working week and are spread over a period agreed between ourselves, you and the client. We keep an eye on your work-training-life balance.

Continuous Support

You’re not alone during your Training Program. You can count on your mentor, an expert consultant within your industry or with your client, your trainers and your Talent Manager. Plus the Training Program team is always just a phone call away. We value frequent and personal connection, so you feel supported.

We want to get to know you.

What happens after you apply for a Training Program or ask about the options? Our Talent Acquisition Specialists Hà and Yasmine will get in touch with you and start the following flow.
We want to get to know you on a personal level and match you with a project that suits you because we value communication with our potential candidates. You will find we take a more in-depth approach. That way, talent is picked up right away and expectations are clear on all sides involved.

Dare to jump?

1. Call

We get to know each other in an introductory call.​

2. Screening

You schedule an online meeting with the Talent Acquisition Specialist to gain a full understanding of the training programs.​

3. Interview

We get together for a face-to-face conversation where we get really personal and are able to check wether the Training Program is a good fit for you. ​

4. Screening

You meet the Training Program Manager Koen, who will tell you everything you would like to know about the training programs.​

5. Technical Assessment

Let's gauge your skills and knowledge. We take assessments so we can convey to our client what you bring to the table​

6. Sign a contract

You and the project make a beautiful match! you just landed a new job, kick off your career at Pauwels Consulting.​

A Program that fits YOU

Our Training Programs are made for you, and we mean that quite literally. Each program is designed to fit the consultant and match the needs of the client. We look at your transferable skills and motivation, and what you can learn to be the best at your new job. Then, we connect you to our big network of training partners and create your training trajectory.

Our three colleagues discussing about ISO.

NOT an apprenticeship

On a Training Program, you begin a new job and training course. While these two components go hand in hand, it’s not an apprenticeship. You are paid for your work and experience, while you learn to grow as a consultant and become the best person for the job. That’s double the value for you.

Our programs

Our Training Programs are custom-made. Some programs are tried and tested, which makes them a good base to create new programs in the same industry. All programs are built to help you become the best person for our client. Take a look at the scope of our Training Program offer.

Our Automation & Digitization programs

  • Automation
  • PLC Programming
  • MES & Software Development
  • Cybersecurity

Our Validation Engineering Programs

  • Pharma Industry Bootcamps
  • Quality Management
  • Data Systems

Our CAD Engineering Programs

  • Design
  • Project Engineering
  • BIM

Didn’t find your area of expertise? Let us know, as we offer custom Training Programs!

Why Pauwels Consulting?

Open door to bottleneck jobs

No career break necessary

New skills and experience on your CV

We support your growth

You’re joining an awesome team

A great network

We collaborate with specialists and partners, so we have a large network of knowledge at our disposal. Our training partners, including Ormit Talent and Udemy, our own subject matter experts and our clients are a combined force to be reckoned with. So no matter what your training needs are, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we have great relations with our many clients, who trust and know Pauwels Consulting for finding the best people for their projects.

A Great Place to Work

For the second year in a row, Pauwels Consulting has been recognized as a “Great Place to Work”. This means our colleagues feel they are treated fairly, regardless of sexual orientation, gender or background. Everyone is kept up-to-date with numerous training opportunities and fun events, and they know they have the support they need to thrive. Most importantly, we work together and have fun together!

A big support system

When you’re part of the big Pauwels Consulting team, you’re surrounded by great colleagues and your very own support system. Your Talent Manager is your person of trust and will help you with any questions you have, be they about training, HR, your career path or personal life events. And on the Training Program, you have us! The Training Program team will keep you connected to your peers, your mentor and your trainers, and we will be happy to guide you throughout your trajectory.

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