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Why you should join a Training Program: Narek’s testimonial

11 Jan 2023

Attitude is key, skills can be trained

Narek Martirosyan talks about his motivation to participate in the Training Program: “I have been interested in 3D-modelling and 3D-printing for quite a while now. I wanted to take this hobby and turn it into my profession, so I completed training as a BIM drafter. In this way, I was able to enter a modern industry with a lot of possibilities for the future. But in my first job as a professional, I was a bit disappointed. It felt very repetitive, and it was not looking like there were many challenging projects coming my way.” “When I joined Pauwels Consulting, my eyes were opened. I was immediately offered a range of training options through the Training Program. They gave me real opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills while working in the industry. This allowed me to create faster progress in my new career while I started working for a leading company.”

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  A personal approach
Training Program Manager Koen De Borle recognized Narek as a suitable candidate: “I noticed from the very first conversations with Narek that he is brimming with motivation to take on a challenge. That drive is necessary to successfully balance learning and working. Although he did not yet have much experience in the sector, he had already taken the initiative to learn about BIM techniques on his own. The knowledge and insights he brought with him from previous jobs and training were the deciding factor. With that, he could already start working on an assignment while continuing to further develop his skills. From that perspective, I saw several options with our clients.”
“We are really looking for people who have the right attitude. That means that they must be eager to seize this opportunity,” adds Hà Logier, Training Program Officer and Talent Acquisition Specialist. “That’s why we ensure a personal approach when we speak to applicants.”
“This opportunity to get personal guidance in your career and get training by field experts is quite uncommon. Normally, you would have to pay a generous amount for such advantages. In the Training Program, you get paid to do it.”
Who can participate?
We are looking for people rather than job titles. More specifically, we are looking for people with plenty of motivation, eagerness to learn, perseverance and enthusiasm.
Koen De Borle: “We recruit candidates for the Training Program in a different manner than we do for standard positions. Most of the positions in the Training Program require an A2, bachelor’s or master’s degree, but after that, we look at what you have to offer. That could be transferable skills, or experience in a similar industry or social skills and business fluency that would make you a good consultant.”
A changing job market opens new doors
Our clients seek consultants with specific skills and strong insight. However, the job market is subject to change, much like the economy. Today, certain profiles are harder to find due to a rising demand for technical positions and the so-called “war for talent”. Sometimes the search for a consultant takes too long and a viable candidate seems almost impossible to find.
The Training Program bridges the gap between strong candidates who are talented enough to learn and our clients’ specific projects. In this way, we ensure less wasted time and more growth for both parties.
There are countless ambitious people who want to keep their technical skills up to date, learn about new sectors or look forward to a completely new challenge. We want to give them the opportunity to use their transferable skills and train themselves to become specialized consultants. That way, no talent or time is wasted.
How do we do it? We train people full of motivation and talent to become the white raven who can take our client’s project forward. Training sessions, coaching, advice from experienced consultants and direct application to practice: this is the recipe for rapid growth.
What is a Training Program?
In the Training Program you will give a breath of fresh air to your career, whether you want to gain more knowledge as a consultant, expand your already accumulated experience to new fields or gain as much experience as possible after your studies. You will complete a custom educational program with individual coaching, training and learning experiences. This takes place during your first assignment as a consultant with one of our clients so that you can immediately apply your new knowledge to practice.
Hà Logier explains why it is a unique opportunity to discover a new industry: “We value your potential. We take what you bring to the table to develop a personal track in which you learn all the technical or social skills to become the best match for the customer. This opportunity to get personal guidance in your career and get training by field experts is quite uncommon. Normally, you would have to pay a generous amount for such advantages. In the Training Program, you get paid to do it.”
What is consultancy?
You get the opportunity to work on various projects and at different companies, all while you keep working for the same employer. Pauwels Consulting will make the match between you and a client, who has a position for you in mind at one of their projects. You go to work at the client’s site, but we employ you. This means you get to enjoy a stable job, get opportunities to keep learning and obtain certificates and you always have a stimulating environment. Our clients include leading companies in life sciences, IT and engineering. Does your project end at the client? Then we will look for a new match for you so you can start somewhere else.

Lifelong learning

At Pauwels Consulting, we believe in lifelong learning. We want to offer our consultants everything they need to keep growing, develop their interests and keep in control of their professional life. Besides the Training Program, we offer many other learning options. 

There is also the Pauwels Academy, which is the set of all the training sessions, information sessions and webinars that we put into a calendar every six months. Anyone can register for these. There are also specialized training programs such as the Pauwels Acceleration Program or your Talent Manager can select a range of sessions for you.

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