Good safety measures and guidelines are crucial in finishing and delivering a project in a timely and safe manner, it also has a direct impact on the results of your project or process.

Safety coordination

It is in our DNA. And we enjoy sharing this knowledge, experience and vision with our customers.

We support our customers with safety coordination during the design and study phase. Our safety coordinator in the design phase (SCD) is tasked with identifying all aspects that may be risky and drawing up a safety and health plan (S&H plan). This plan sets out the actions to be taken as well as tips on safety. In addition, the SCD will prepare the post-intervention file and the coordination book.

Our safety coordinator in the implementation phase carries out site visits to verify that the work is being executed in a safe manner. He also records comments or improvement points in a coordination book. Following every site visit, the safety coordinator provides a site report to the architect, client and contractors. He also fills out the safety and health plan and the post-intervention file.

In addition to these two important safety-related positions, these experts are supported by HSE managers and consultants. Pauwels Consulting provides support for its clients through these experts or takes on the role of safety coordinator itself, with a complete team of experts managing the project to a safe conclusion.

(Continuous) training ensures that our safety staff always remain focused. As a result, they can ensure:

  • compliance with the safety plan;
  • the use of correct working methods and the wearing of correct personal protective equipment;
  • the availability of appropriate diplomas and test certificates;
  • the general safety of all employees on site, their own safety as well as that of local residents.

SCC experts

SCC stands for ‘safety checklist for contractors’ and is in fact more than a checklist. SCC represents a complete programme by means of which service companies are structurally and objectively tested and certified for their HSE management system.

The engineering department is itself SCC certified, which means that with this department, Pauwels Consulting has a division that can ensure the protection of health, safety and the environment during the works. An accredited certification body (BTV) carries out an annual audit and has certified the Pauwels Consulting engineering department on the basis of an independent and objective investigation.

All of our safety and quality inspectors hold an SCC diploma as well as a BA4 or BA5 declaration of competence. They implement new quality systems, assist our clients with external audits and also carry out internal audits. Our prevention advisers and safety coordinators ensure the stringent application of the safety rules on our clients’ projects.

Another important characteristic of the SCC certification is that an annual check is carried out to verify that Pauwels Consulting continues to comply with all SCC requirements. It is therefore ‘under the supervision’ of the body that issued the SCC certificate to the company.

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