Six Sigma Yellow Belt: still a hot topic in consultancy

13 Jul 2023
Why is Six Sigma still a hot topic? Every year at Pauwels Consulting we offer training courses on the topic, such as Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma, and the training sessions are always full. We have already been able to offer some 60 consultants this Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training. We are happy to continue to encourage this because it is a great added value for our customers. Kris Van Nieuwenhove is our Subject Matter Expert and now trains other consultants and he is a mentor as well. He talks about why the methodology is a powerful tool across industries.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a methodology that focuses on eliminating errors and reducing variation in processes, which promotes efficiency and ultimately cost reduction. By having consultants in-house with knowledge of Six Sigma, companies can better identify problems and solve them for good within their processes. This way, they can aim for better quality products, higher customer satisfaction and an increase in revenue. Moreover, trained consultants can help companies establish a culture of constant improvement to foster long-term success and sustainability. Overall, we can say that Six Sigma is a valuable resource for consultants because it can serve their clients during projects and help them become more competitive.

What is Lean?

Six Sigma focuses on reducing or eliminating variation in processes, while Lean focuses on eliminating waste. In practice, they complement each other because process problems are rarely caused solely by waste or variation.

Why is Lean Six Sigma important to our customers?

Our consultants are there to move the client’s projects forward and for that we want to support them to solve and prevent problems in a structured way. Someone with an understanding of Lean Six Sigma can practically notice the difference between a symptom of a problem and its cause. In this way, we go a step further for our customers than just expected project progress.


Can I have Six Sigma implemented?

At Pauwels Consulting, with Kris Van Nieuwenhove and fellow consultants, we have years of expertise to implement the Lean Six Sigma method at our clients. We also offer in-company training to support your employees in practice.

Our QHSE expert Luc Marivoet has more than 30 years of experience in Quality Management. He helps Pauwels Consulting to comply with the ISO 9001 standard and to improve and standardize our operations. As a QHSE consultant, he also provides our clients with a full service for their quality management systems: he gives advice, supports implementation, and monitors compliance with standards. Luc also provides training on QHS management systems (ISO 9001 and ISO 45001).


Why we offer Yellow Belt training to consultants

Six Sigma Yellow Belt covers the basics of the method and is very broad. Here, consultants are introduced to the steps PDCA: plan, do, check, act. This is a cycle for implementing solutions and measuring the effect of efficiency efforts. To implement those steps, facts and data are essential. Making results of processes measurable, outlining customer requirements and measuring innovations are part of this. When solutions are implemented, data can be used to identify root causes.
In Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt this involves statistics which makes testing more in-depth, but in many business contexts it is sufficient to have someone with Yellow Belt knowledge do an initial analysis to flesh out the next steps.

Does Lean Six Sigma help with ISO 9001 certification?

While ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard, focused on establishing a QMS and ensuring that processes consistently meet customer requirements, Six Sigma provides a structured approach to analyzing processes and improving their performance. Six Sigma can be used to complement ISO 9001 by providing a method for identifying and addressing process problems and improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of processes. By applying Six Sigma methodologies in conjunction with ISO 9001, companies can improve their QMS and ensure that their processes are optimized for maximum quality and efficiency. Overall, Six Sigma and ISO 9001 are complementary practices that can help companies achieve their quality and business objectives.

We have Lean Six Sigma expertise

Our Six Sigma expert Kris Van Nieuwenhove started his career as a consultant at a major player in biopharma, where he provided Lean Six Sigma training and led several Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt projects. Afterwards, he applied that knowledge at other international companies. He helped clients in various industries on their way to operational excellence using Six Sigma and Lean methodologies to improve process efficiency. He is convinced that these methodologies work across sectors, which means they are relevant for companies outside the scope of Life Science, Pharma or Engineering as well.

In 2020 during periods of working from home, Kris went to work internally for Pauwels Consulting. He provided Lean and Six Sigma training remotely to dozens of consultants and the demand for training is not diminishing, at least 60 consultants have already been trained and we have the knowledge to provide great value to our customers.

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