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No one can learn the ins and outs of
how to be a consultant at school.

No one can learn the ins and outs of
how to be a consultant at school.

“No one can learn the ins and outs of how to be a consultant at school. It involves a great deal of social, communication and management skills that can and must be continually updated. I like to guide our consultants to the right training courses and put them in touch with colleagues from other projects to create a strong bond and enable knowledge sharing.”

Céline Van Puymbrouck

Training courses for today and tomorrow

Céline Van Puymbrouck

At Pauwels Consulting, we pay a lot of attention to the personal and professional development of our consultants. That’s why we keep in constant contact with our training partners regarding customised training courses that enable our consultants to improve their hard and soft skills. By doing so, we want to provide our consultants with the best possible support in their work today and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

In addition to these individual training courses, we also focus heavily on academy sessions and in-company training courses. We often invite external speakers to support us in the areas of leadership development, focus management, emotional intelligence and giving feedback, while yoga, mindfulness and good ergonomics are also covered. A healthy mind in a healthy body is something that we at Pauwels Consulting firmly believe in.

Naturally, we also offer regular training courses to develop our technical knowledge and skills. This includes training courses on data integrity, quality management, cGMP training courses and Lean Six Sigma training courses. Since 2020, we have also been running a Yellow Belt programme, accompanied by an additional Project Management programme and Team Management programme since 2021.

A large network with
active knowledge transfer

As a consultant, you will work on projects with customers, sometimes with and sometimes without colleagues from Pauwels Consulting present. To ensure a good connection and knowledge sharing, we offer you as many opportunities as possible to get to know consultants from other projects.

That’s why Pauwels Consulting often organises after work events such as team drinks, karting sessions, escape rooms and sports events. During these informal sessions, you can expand your network and get to know interesting colleagues in a relaxed environment.

From 2021 onwards, we will also focus on organising internal communities in which you can exchange knowledge and experiences with colleagues, a Pauwels Acceleration Program on consulting skills (in collaboration with our sister organisation ORMIT) and a mentorship programme to connect junior and more experienced consultants and provide a smooth transfer of knowledge.


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Céline Van Puymbrouck

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