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8 Characteristics of great consultants. Do you have what it takes?

20 Feb 2020
As a consultant you usually enjoy a varied job and lots of opportunities to quickly expand your knowledge, experience and professional network.


Despite the benefits of variety & opportunities, consulting jobs are often overlooked by job seekers. This is a pity because consulting may very well be one of the most rewarding professions in the world… if you are a good fit for the job.

That’s what this article is all about: finding out whether you have what it takes to be a successful and a happy consultant. In this article we highlight 8 characteristics of great consultants. Some of these skills and behaviors can be learned or achieved by experience, others only to a certain degree.

Most importantly though, as a consultant you have to feel good about these characteristics. If not, you will probably be unhappy with your job. The quality of your work may suffer as a result.

If you do feel good about these characteristics though, if you recognize them and if you feel that they describe your personality and work ethic… you may very well have found your dream job!

Now, without further ado, here are 8 characteristics of great consultants. Let’s see how you stack up.

1. Great consultants are flexible

Great consultants adapt to new projects, work cultures and colleagues easily. They come in, they fit in and they get the job done. Their soft skills and technical expertise allow them to take on their roles quickly and easily.

2. Great consultants have great discipline

Great consultants work hard and they work smart. They know how to accomplish the best results in the shortest possible time with as little friction as possible. Great consultants are problem solvers: bring them in and the work gets done.

3. Great consultants are confident

Great consultants are confident about their skills and expertise. They expose a natural collaborative leadership and they leave their egos at the door. Great consultants are team players: they put company goals and team spirit first.

4. Great consultants are persistent

Great consultants don’t give up. They accept frictions, unforeseen circumstances and negative feedback, they learn from them and they move on. They will analyze and learn from every setback in order to prevent it from happening again.

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5. Great consultants are studious

Great consultants never stop learning. They need to stay on top of the developments in their fields of expertise. It is their job to bring the latest knowledge and skills to the table when others can’t.

6. Great consultants are like… MacGyver

Remember MacGyver, the hero of the popular TV show? He could solve any problem with his mind and his Swiss army knife. The same goes for great consultants; they use skills and knowledge from previous projects to solve new problems and challenges.

7. Great consultants go further

Great consultants see the big picture and the small parts that can make it better. Consultants bring a fresh view, and as such they can offer surprising insights that can solve problems and boost the client’s business.

And last but not least:

8. Great consultants are sociable

Great consultants listen first and they speak second. Their primary goal is to help other people and businesses. Great consultants build trust because of their will to help their clients accomplish their goals.


Do you want to help other people and businesses meet and exceed their goals? And do you think you have what it takes to be a great consultant?

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