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How do top consultants outperform the competition?

20 Nov 2019
As in any profession though some people distinguish themselves from the pack. They do even better than the great performers in their field. That's what this article is all about.

In our previous articles on consulting we discussed the benefits of consultancy and 8 characteristics of great consultants. In this article we share 5 bonus tips to excel as a consultant, to distinguish yourself, to make yourself extremely helpful, likeable and memorable. Are you ready? Here we go!

5 ways to excel as a consultant

1. Top consultants are great listeners

In our latest article on consulting we stressed the importance of listening. Great consultants listen first and speak second. You won’t get to the root of your client’s problems by talking. You’ll get there by listening and by asking the right questions.

In addition, top consultants offer an ear when their colleagues need them. They care about their environment and their team. That’s a prerequisite to get things done fast and easily. Listening is rewarding in many ways!

2. Top consultants are great marketeers

Top consultants know how to listen, but they also know how to get their ideas across. They know how to get along with their colleagues and they know how to communicate with different departments. They also know how to solve personal issues on the workfloor before or as soon as they arise.

In addition, top consultants are great marketeers!

They put the client’s goals and team spirit first, but they also know how to communicate their results when required. Top consultants never brag about their work or their results, they just make sure that their results get noticed when the time is right.

And as if this was not enough…

Top consultants continually grow and nurture their business network. Not just when they’re looking for a new job, but especially when they’re working on a project. It’s easier to find your next great project when you know there will still be a paycheck at the end of the month.

3. Top consultants are extremely helpful

Well-meant flattery about new haircuts and clothes is nice, but offering real help at work has much more impact.

Top consultants notice when colleagues are struggling and they foresee project delays. They also see solutions, and they are not afraid to quietly roll up their sleeves to help their colleagues and to get the job done.

4. Top consultants are linchpins

A linchpin is something or someone that holds complex structures together. Take away the linchpin and things (may) fall apart.

Top consultants are linchpins. They see the big picture and they act as liaisons between departments that may otherwise not communicate with each other. And they do this with the greatest respect for each department’s peculiarities.

5. Top consultants take care of themselves

Top consultants don’t take anything for granted and they push themselves to the limit. They work hard and smart and they never stop learning. In this way, top consultants are like athletes. And as athletes, top consultants take good care of themselves.

That’s why top consultants know when and how to take a pause. They spot stress and burn-outs from a distance and they know how to prevent these things from happening. Top consultants know when and how to recharge to keep their creative juices flowing.

What about you?

Now you’ve read this article, do you want to help other people and businesses meet and exceed their goals? And do you think you have what it takes to be a top consultant?

Then please have a look at our current job openings here at Pauwels Consulting. We are always looking for great team players to complement our consulting teams.


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