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14 Nov 2018
On Thursday, December 6, 2018, Dimitri Verhoye from Smart A’DVice delivered a workshop on networking for the Pauwels Consulting Academy in Antwerp.

He gave us tips and tricks on how you build your own network and how you maintain, expand and strengthen it so that your employer, company and environment can benefit from it. Discover some pictures of the event below.

Pauwels Consulting Academy

Continuous learning is a trend that we encourage and facilitate. The Pauwels Consulting Academy is, in addition to our internal training, our one-on-one coaching and our Pauwels Acceleration Program, an initiative through which we invest in the training & skills of our consultants. During these workshops, your colleagues at Pauwels Consulting or field experts will tell you about a project, a technique, a methodology or useful tips and best practices you can use in your own projects.

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Do you have any questions regarding this workshop, do you want the slides and/or do you want to learn more about networking in general? Contact Céline Van Puymbrouck, our Learning and Development Coordinator via

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