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Attitude is key, skills can be trained

At Pauwels Consulting, we go the extra mile for your new job. You will embark on a customized learning journey consisting of individual coaching, training sessions and more educational experiences. This will be running in sync with your first assignment as a consultant with one of our clients so that you can immediately put your new knowledge into practice. With Pauwels Consulting you get the opportunity to obtain skills that are in high demand and you become a white raven.
Koen De Borle

Training Program Manager

Is a Training Program something for you?

Whether you are taking your first steps in your career, you already have experience in consulting or in another sector or your want to take your career in a new direction, the Training Program is the place for you. We believe in learning for life.


Start your career

You start working immediately, which means you earn a salary and build up experience. Your training also starts, and you learn relevant skills based on your talents and according to your new job.

Make the switch to consultancy

You've been working for a while, but you want more. In the Training Program, you quickly gain new experience to take your career in a new direction or a step higher. You don't wait for new opportunities, you seize them.

Excel in what you do

You already have thorough knowledge and experience within your profession, but you are interested to explore new fields. In the Training Program, your transferable knowledge is still useful, and you will supplement it with new skills and experiences as well.

What does the Training Program look like?

Your first meeting went well, congratulations!

Now the next step is an additional screening of your motivation and skills.

We probe what you have to offer with some standard competency and skills tests.

This allows us to look for a project and develop a learning program that suits you.

You sign a contract, begin your apprenticeship program, and start the job with our client.

You work, learn, and grow.

You are a trained consultant and actively building your career.

The practical side

A Training Program is from 3 to 18 months, depending on the project and skills you need.

Your learning path consists of training, coaching, mentoring and feedback sessions where you get to ask questions of experts.

Where does the Training Program take place? Your schedule depends on the program we develop for you. The sessions can take place at the following locations:

  • Pauwels Consulting offices in Ghent, Diegem or Antwerp
  • At the client’s offices
  • External locations of our learning partners
  • Online

The vision of Pauwels Consulting

At Pauwels Consulting, we believe in lifelong learning. Consultants are taking on new challenges more often and we like to offer them everything they need to do so, technically and humanly. Active and project-based learning provides more involvement and context. This is how you build a strong career.

Pauwels Consulting as a training provider

A large network thanks to experience

  1. Over 23 years of expertise in consulting
  2. Experts in various domains in-house
  3. We think along with our clients and build good connections

A Great Place to Work

We think so ourselves, but we were given the official title by the Great Place to Work institute and Vlerick Business School. There is always an afterwork event planned. Whether that’s an networking drink, party or sports challenge, be welcome! In addition, we always have additional learning opportunities for both consultants and back-office staff. You will always have an opportunity to update your social and technical skills. Thanks to coaching, mentoring and personal contact with your Talent Manager, you always have someone to confide in. At Pauwels Consulting, no one is left out.

Do you have what we’re looking for?

Talent Acquisition TPM
“Attitude is key,
You take steps to reach your goals
You train what you want to better
You’re an enthusiastic and reliable person who plays a proactive role in life
skills can be trained”
You accept help when it’s offered and apply feedback
You have courage to carry on
You’re not afraid to discover yourself: the good and the bad
Hà Logier and Yasmine Van Damme

Talent Acquisition & Training Program Officers

What do other participants say?

Ready, set, go

Are you looking forward to getting started? Whether you’re furthering your career, want to give it a new twist or are about to jump into the work field, don’t hesitate!

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Talent Acquisition TPM
Hà and Yasmine Talent Acquisition & Training Program Officers