Stef looks back on his Training Program

27 Jun 2023

Stef made a career leap with a Training Program

We followed consultant Stef through his experience in a Training Program. The program came to an end and he can now call himself an upskilled MES system engineer consultant working for a major player in biotech. How does Stef look back on his Training Program and more importantly, how does he look to the future with new skills and knowledge in his pocket?

What did you expect from the Training Program at first?

I was looking forward to deepening my knowledge of MES and taking my expertise to the next level. I was indeed trained in MES and could already gain a lot of experience hands-on on the job. But I also learned many other skills that allowed me to settle in faster and allow me to work more efficiently, I didn’t think business skills could have such an impact.

What else did you learn during the Training Program?

I learned about the DISC model in training sessions and then put it into practice. It is a tool to better understand the behavior of the people around you and consequently make it easier to work together. I had never really considered that communication skills could be useful before. Furthermore, I enjoyed the training sessions on MES and Troubleshooting, which I was particularly skilled at.

Was your Training Program challenging?

Being able to focus on training sessions, your new project and your personal life at the same time was challenging sometimes. But the program was not constantly as busy, overall, I found the schedule very reasonable. You also notice that you are moving forward.

In what sense did your career improve in the Training Program?

I am now an MES system engineer. I believe that the scope of my position has expanded faster than my client’s own expectations and I can now handle more responsibilities. I owe that progress to the Training Program. And my own efforts, of course!

What will you take with you into the next steps of your career?

I have learned new ways to approach the people around me, and I find that this improves my collaboration skills. This, in turn, also improves my self-confidence. With more self-confidence, you dare to tackle more.

Who would you recommend applying for a Training Program?

I think I would recommend the Training Program especially to people early in their careers. They tend to be younger and the most flexible, which gives them room for rapid growth and they are able to put in some extra commitment. But more experienced people who want a change or want to specialize can also get real value out of a program.

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