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    A foothold in the Netherlands

    Today it was announced that Pauwels Consulting is including the Dutch in the group. This acquisition follows shortly after those of HCM and AlphaZ, and fits within Pauwels Consulting's ambitious growth strategy in the Netherlands.

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    Making your dream come true? That's exactly what these brothers from Ghent are doing by racing across the ocean!

    On Thursday 12 December, two brothers from Ghent, Damien (29) and Bernard (27), will set off on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, a race across the Atlantic in their rowing boat 'The Brothership'. The starting point is La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands, and the finish is 4,800 km away in Antigua, an island in the Caribbean Sea. The duo Atlantic Ocean rowing crossing record is 37 days, a time the ambitious brothers are aiming to beat. Taking part is not enough for them: they want to win and break the record.

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    Important differences between ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2008

    Pauwels Consulting assists companies in Belgium and abroad in setting up and monitoring quality systems and continuously improving business processes. We have a number of experienced ISO 9001 consultants on board to achieve this. Luc Marivoet is one of our quality experts. We interviewed Luc about the publication of the new ISO 9001:2015 standard and the main differences between ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2008.

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    Pauwels Consulting acquires Health Care Management

    Pauwels Consulting, the Belgian recruitment and consulting firm for life sciences, engineering and IT profiles, acquires Health Care Management (HCM). This acquisition follows the recent acquisition of AlphaZ and reflects Pauwels Consulting’s ambitious growth strategy.

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    Pauwels Consulting helped obtain the ISO9001 certificate at Lariplast

    Pauwels Consulting started an ISO 9001 quality management project at Lariplast France in Marle, Aisne. The goal of the project was to advise and support Lariplast during the implementation of the ISO 9001 standard and to obtain the renowned ISO 9001 certification.

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    Pauwels Consulting organizes ISO 9001:2015 workshops for companies

    The goal of this workshop is to help your company’s top management deal efficiently with ISO 9001:2015 and identify and utilize both the risks and the commercial benefits and opportunities.

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    The Dodentocht as a source of inspiration for OpEx

    People are capable of amazing things. Our colleague Kris Van Nieuwenhove, a senior OpEx expert, is a great example in this respect. This year walked the 100K Dodentocht in Bornem for the 3rd time to collect money for Rode Neuzendag!

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    Luc Mesmans: a career filled with innovation

    In our series People of Pauwels Consulting, we let our employees talk about their projects and achievements. Meet Luc Mesmans, our recently retired colleague that was specialized in electrics & telecom. He completed a solid technical course and saw his line of work change a whole lot. Luc will definitely never become a couch potato because he's still very active as a voluntary nature guide.

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    Project management: Always look on the bright side

    At Pauwels Consulting we have a lot of driven consultants and sometimes, unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to a colleague. André Thys will enjoy his well-deserved retirement after a career of almost 40 years. An ideal reason for André to tell us about his fascinating career in our series 'People of Pauwels Consulting'.

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    Pauwels Consulting acquires AlphaZ

    We are happy to announce the acquisition of AlphaZ, a Ghent based consulting firm specialized in engineering. The ambitious company quickly grew out to be an established value in the consultancy world and is a great match with Pauwels vision for the future.

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    DevOps as a key component in your business strategy

    Last month we were happy to welcome the attendees of our first seminar in our new Brussels office at Avenue des Arts. The spacious venue, delicious cookies and fresh coffee got us started for a morning full of valuable insights on the technical side of digital transformation.

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    Pauwels Green Challenge 2019

    June 3, it’s international bike day. We would like to contribute to this sporty concept and thought about a nice initiative that encourages you to go to work green and gets you moving.

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    Lean Management

    Pauwels Consulting Academy recently organized a lean management workshop to learn about process optimizing.

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    Meet our new IT Director: Pieter Ardinois

    In our series ‘People of Pauwels Consulting’, our colleagues introduce themselves and talk about their work experiences and ambitions. Today, we are going to get acquainted with Pieter Ardinois, the new IT director at Pauwels Consulting. If you’d like to find out more, read on!

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    AG Solidarity: a helping hand for children and young adults

    Pauwels Consulting realizes that not everybody always has it easy and offers people in need warm-hearted support. We regularly support charitable causes ourselves and can only encourage similar initiatives by our partners and consultants. Recently, colleague Stijn Lenaerts took part in a solidarity initiative for Maison des Enfants Clair Matin SAAE in Ukkel, at the invitation of our partner AG Insurance.

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    Networking tips & tricks

    On Thursday, December 6, 2018, Dimitri Verhoye from Smart A’DVice delivered a workshop on networking for the Pauwels Consulting Academy in Antwerp.

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    Consultant in the pharmaceutical industry: an enriching experience

    At Pauwels Consulting, we are continually looking for motivated consultants who are in a position to bring our clients’ projects to a successful conclusion. As a result, we interview lots of candidates and regularly take on interesting new colleagues. In our series ‘People of Pauwels Consulting’, our colleagues introduce themselves and talk about their projects and experiences. Today, we are going to get acquainted with Isabelle Gille, consultant in the pharmaceutical sector at Pauwels Consulting.

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    HR investment group Pyramid takes a stake in ORMIT

    Ghent, 3 October 2018. Pyramid NV, the HR investment group behind Pauwels Consulting, is today taking a 75 % stake in ORMIT, the Dutch HR company specialising in traineeships and leadership development.

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    Dr Veerle Deblauwe publishes article on patent search

    When one of our colleagues does something special, all of us at Pauwels Consulting are proud. Dr Veerle Deblauwe, an expert in patent search, recently published an article following the Search Matters conference in The Hague. So, high time for a chat with this special woman, to find out who she is and what she does. Welcome to the wonderful world of patent search.

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    Time management: seven tips for more serenity and efficiency

    Time management... There are already plenty of books, workshops and self-help groups dealing with this issue. Perhaps even too many… Nevertheless, Luc Keppens from T&C managed to provide an unusually interesting, interactive and amusing Pauwels Consulting Academy session on time management. Below, we’ve set out the key points of the session. Are you always short of time? Then read these seven tips about time management, which will help you start working much more efficiently right away.

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    Pauwels Consulting acquires Akros Solutions

    Ghent, 10 October 2017. Pauwels Consulting, the Belgian engineering, life sciences and IT consultancy company, is proud to announce the acquisition of Akros Solutions, the Belgian IT recruitment and consultancy firm with offices in Brussels.

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    4 sportive tips to be a top-class consultant

    While writing this blog post, my legs are still tingling from the physical endurance at Mallorca. It involved over twenty-five hours of cycling, running and swimming during one single week: this is a holiday as well! Since this year, I am more eager than ever before to realise the most important sportive challenge in my life: the Ironman in Bolton.