Word design consultant op je nieuwe job

16 Nov 2022

Word design consultant op je nieuwe job 

Heb jij zin in een nieuwe uitdaging en motivatie om bij te leren over een nieuwe sector? Via het Training Program ga je aan de slag als consultant en stap je tegelijkertijd in een aansluitend leerprogramma. Het leertraject is gemaakt om jouw vaardigheden en kennis aan te vullen, zodat jij de beste match voor de klant wordt. Ondertussen word jij betaald voor je werk, natuurlijk.

Lees verder en ontdek onze unieke kansen voor technisch tekenaars, junior of met meer ervaring.

Training Programs voor technisch tekenaars

Bijleren en werken

Wat leer je allemaal?
Technische verdieping in bijvoorbeeld Revit of Eplan nodig? Check! ✅
Maar ook zakelijke, sociale vaardigheden komen aan bod om van jou een top professional te maken. Denk hier maar aan Problem Solving, Workflow Management, Stakeholder Management, Project Management, etc.
Dit leer je allemaal in combinatie met persoonlijke begeleiding en gecertificeerde coaching om jou zoveel mogelijk nieuwe inzichten en leermomenten te geven.
Tegelijkertijd leer je de knepen van het vak in de praktijk kennen. Je gaat meteen aan de slag in een bedrijf waar je nieuwe kennis onmiddellijk kunt toepassen.
Heb jij zin in een nieuwe uitdaging en motivatie om bij te leren over een nieuwe sector?
Dan zoeken wij jou! Wie ben jij? Jij…
  • Hebt grondige kennis van de bouwsector: HVAC, elektriciteit, sanitair
  • Weet wat P&ID is
  • Hebt minstens een A2, bachelor is een plus
  • Hebt een eerste ervaring gehad met technisch tekenen met AutoCAD 2D, Revit of Eplan
  • Hebt zin om nieuwe skills te leren en wilt jezelf steeds verbeteren
  • Ziet de uitdaging van de combinatie betaald werken en leren hélemaal zitten
Met onze Training Programs start je onmiddellijk op een project en krijg je tegelijkertijd gepersonaliseerde opleidingen.
Mogelijke projecten in dit programma
⚡Van AutoCAD tekenaar tot ambiteuze BIM Consultant in West-Vlaanderen

⚡Van elektrische tekenaar tot straffe Elektrisch Design Specialist in Brussel
Klik op de functietitel om onze vacature te lezen. Herken je jezelf maar deels in de omschrijving? Heb je een andere motivatie om te solliciteren? Aarzel niet en neem contact op. We nemen elke sollicitant serieus.

Ready, set, go

Heb jij zin om eraan te beginnen? Of je nu jouw carrière verder uitbouwt, een nieuwe draai wilt geven of binnenkort in het werkveld springt, aarzel niet! Dien je kandidatuur in en Hà neemt zo snel mogelijk contact met je op voor de volgende stappen.

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Hà Logier Talent Acquisition & Training Program Officer

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What is Lean IPD?

14 Nov 2022

What is Lean IPD? 

Lean IPD makes construction and infrastructure projects more efficient. With Lean IPD, all (main) parties sign 1 multiparty contract. Thanks to a risk/reward plan, all parties can potentially lose or double their profit. This encourages everyone to work together efficiently and deliver the project on time and within budget.

What is Lean IPD?

Most industries are becoming more productive. Except for the construction industry, where productivity has actually been declining in recent years. This shows a clear need for a new way of working to make construction projects more efficient. Enter Lean IPD.

Lean IPD stands for Lean Integrated Project Delivery. This way of working is based on 3 components:

  • Aligned contract: The client, the design team and the builders of a (construction) project sign a single contract together. Within this contract, they can increase their profit margin when they cooperate efficiently, but also lose their profit when the construction project is delayed. In this way, all parties are encouraged to finish the project on time and within budget. Everyone wins, or everyone loses. 
  • Lean Construction: All parties work with streamlined processes and strive to continually improve these processes. The workflow should be as efficient as possible.
  • Collaborative culture: It is crucial that all parties work together as effectively as possible and keep one goal in mind: the project.

So all parties work together to achieve the same goal. This efficiency generally improves project results and makes projects more cost-effective, as there are fewer delays or budget overruns.

Is Lean IPD useful for you? 

Do you need Lean IPD for every project? No. Lean IPD is especially useful for projects: 

  • that will cost more than €750,000 due to their complexity,
  • that involve multiple parties,
  • that operate with multiple delivery schedules.

In short, Lean IPD is especially useful for large, complex projects.

Where is Lean IPD being used? 

In the United States, Lean IPD has been well established for a decade, as most large construction projects (for example hospitals) there use Lean IPD by default. Meanwhile in Europe, Lean IPD is already well established in Great Britain and Poland. The rest of Europe is soon to follow.

An increasing number of large projects are also carried out in Belgium using the Lean IPD methodology. And when large companies start implementing it, smaller companies that are working on the same project have to follow. This way, the methodology becomes more and more widespread. A well-known example of a Belgian Lean IPD project is the Oosterweel Link.

However, there is still much room for improvement. In 2022, Lean IPD is still not the standard way of working in Europe. This is unfortunate, because it offers advantages for all parties involved directly and indirectly. For example, the faster an infrastructure project is completed, the sooner road detour and traffic jams are over and traffic can flow optimally again.

What are the benefits of Lean IPD? 

Lean IPD ensures that the various parties are better aligned. This leads to more reliable projects that are completed faster and where all parties are better rewarded. 

This allows construction partners to potentially make some extra profit. Additionally, the risk/reward plan gives them extra security as they will never lose money when the project doesn’t go according to plan. 

End clients will see their project finalized faster, and probably with less costs.

What are the pitfalls of Lean IPD? 

Of course, the benefits are there only when Lean IPD is done right. But things can also go wrong.

  1. Wrong partners: A project completely depends on the quality and reliability of the partners. A bad BVOA (Best Value Option Analysis) may throw a spanner in the works in this regard.
  2. No overview: As an owner, you need to map out in advance what your project would cost if you went for the traditional way of working. That way, you can better assess whether your Lean IPD partners are asking a correct price.
  3. Immediate cost: As the owner, you pay for design costs from day 1, long before the construction phase can begin. This has a positive effect on the group dynamic between the different construction partners, but a negative effect on your cash flow.

Tips & tricks

Are you interested in implementing Lean IPD? The following tips will help you get started:

  1. Start on time. It takes time to find the right partners and to draw up a good Lean IPD contract.
  2. Involve all parties in this new philosophy from the beginning and make sure everyone understands the benefits of Lean IPD.
  3. Change management and people skills are crucial in this process. After all, every decision affects a lot of parties. Everyone must feel comfortable with the decisions in order to continue to work well together.
  4. Consider hiring an outside party to manage the Lean IPD process. This person can look at different points of view objectively and unite them more easily compared to someone who is or appears biased.


Are you interested in Lean IPD and do you want to run your next project more efficiently? Contact us! We are happy to guide you through the entire process.

Contact Pauwels - Lean IPD EN

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Pauwels Consulting is a strong family

28 Oct 2022

Pauwels Consulting is a strong family

We’ve had some great team building moments these last few months at Pauwels Consulting. Not for nothing ‘a strong family’ is 1 of our core values. Our Family Day, the Corporate Cycling Challenge, Afterwork drinks… Time for a short throwback, and a look at our future plans.

The Pauwels Consulting Family Day 

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Every year, our consultants and back-office crew get together to get to know each other and each other’s families better. This year, the Family Day took place at ZOO Planckendael.

The day got off to a good start: upon arrival, a refined breakfast buffet awaited our guests. The perfect opportunity to get to know each other better! We were able to catch up with colleagues, anonymous e-mail addresses suddenly got a face, and family stories were now filled in by the protagonists themselves.

Once we had finished the croissants, oatmeal and pancakes, we dove into the zoo. We discovered how Planckendael helps endangered animals and had a lot of fun in the animal park and its many playgrounds. Perhaps the surroundings played a part, but our colleagues all described their children as “little monkeys” that day.

Why Planckendael? 

But why exactly did we choose Planckendael for our Family Day? We had a very good reason: Pauwels Consulting has adopted an animal! The choice was not difficult. When you are crowned Trends Gazelle 11 times in a row, you quickly end up with… a gazelle.

Our female rhim gazelle reaches speeds of up to 60 km per hour and covers distances of up to 30 km per day. A nice link to the sporty nature of our company.

To be continued

Usually we organize 1 Family Day per year. This year, however, we will organize 2: at the end of November our families will join us at the Pauwels Consulting Film Day. Our colleagues have already received their invitation, so the countdown can begin. Haven’t you registered yet? Do so quickly!

Corporate Cycling Challenge

In the middle of September, our next teambuilding was scheduled: the Corporate Cycling Challenge! It was the 2nd time that we participated in this unofficial Belgian Championship for Corporate Cycling, and we have to admit: it tastes like more.

2 Pauwels Consulting teams of consultants and back-office employees competed for the title. In the end, we didn’t win a medal, but 1 thing is for sure: the prize for the ‘most fun’ goes to us! Don’t believe us? Just watch!


New plans 

The achievements of our athletes have us dream of even more cycling fun. And not just for our well-trained colleagues. We’ve heard some whispers in the corridors of Pauwels Consulting that there are plans to organize a family bike ride in the spring of 2023. Stay tuned!

AfterWork Drinks

Just about every month, we also organize an Afterwork Drink to bring our consultants and back-office staff together. A padel match, a game of virtual racing or an evening at the bar? We do it all!

Those afterwork drinks allow us to get to know each other better in a smaller setting. A bit of sports and some nice snacks always make the evening complete. Our next afterwork drink is scheduled for November 17. See you there! 

What about you?

At Pauwels Consulting, we have been investing in employee satisfaction for over 22 years. We are in the Belgian top 10 of Best Workplaces® (medium-sized companies category) for a reason. You don’t achieve that status by organising 1 event a year, but by consistently working on the relationship with and between our consultants.

Do you want to be at our next team building event? Check out our job board, forward your CV, and who knows, maybe you’ll soon be part of our big Pauwels Consulting family. And if you have “little monkeys,” they are of course welcome to attend our next family day. 😊

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Pauwels Blog

Case: ISO 9001 training and audits for the Binding Site

26 Sep 2022

The essentials

  • The course: Practical training ISO 9001 and audit techniques
  • The participants: Internal employees of the Binding Site
  • The instructor: Luc Marivoet, QHSE Manager at Pauwels Consulting
  • The client: Amélia Bouzar, responsible for quality and regulatory affairs
  • The account manager: Koen De Borle, Training Program Manager at Pauwels Consulting
  • Format: Two-day workshop with theory and practice
  • Added value: Practical tips from the field
  • Added value: Coaching for the participants, even after the training
  • The result: The Binding Site can now evaluate its QMS itself.

What is the Binding Site?

The Binding Site researches, develops, manufactures and distributes specialist immunodiagnostic assays and instrumentation for clinicians and laboratory professionals around the world. The company has a strong focus on education, collaboration and innovation to improve the lives of patients.

Demand for ISO 9001 expertise

The Binding Site wants to be able to continuously evaluate whether their quality management system meets ISO 9001 requirements. Therefore, the company sought an experienced training partner to train internal staff on ISO 9001 and auditing quality management systems.

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ISO 9001 training and audits

Amélia, you are responsible for quality management at the Binding Site. How did you find Pauwels Consulting?

Amélia Bouzar: A few years ago, we were looking for an expert in ISO standards to train our people. Because we immediately felt that Luc truly understood our needs and wishes, we chose Pauwels Consulting as our external training partner.

Luc, you recently provided another ISO 9001 training course at the Binding Site. What exactly was that about and who was this course intended for?

Luc Marivoet: That’s right. I conducted a two-day workshop for the internal staff of the Binding Site. The purpose of the course was to educate the participants on the basics of ISO 9001:2015, the standard for quality management systems, and how to audit this standard according to ISO 19011:2018, the standard for auditing management systems.

Amélia: For us, it is very important that quality assurance is not the specialty of just a few people. We want to create multidisciplinary teams that can all talk about quality management. That’s why we opted for in-house training sessions with several participants.

What was the training like?

Luc: The training lasted 2 days. The first day we saw the most important theory behind the ISO 9001:2015 standard and solved practical exercises. Here the focus was mainly on the process approach and risk-based thinking.

On the second day, we introduced auditing. We shared tips on what to look for when planning audits and explained how to develop an audit program. We used case studies to teach how ISO 9001 audits should be conducted, what skills you need to do so, and the best way to report and follow up on audit results in an understandable way.

After the course, we will also guide and support the participants in conducting their internal audits.

What are participants capable of after this ISO 9001 training?
Luc: Participants will now be able to test whether their own (or an external) quality management system meets the ISO 9001:2015 standard. They now have the correct basic knowledge and skills to prepare, conduct, report and follow up on an internal audit.
Thank you for this explanation, Amélia and Luc! Koen, you brought the Binding Site in contact with Luc. What is the added value of this training?
Koen De Borle: This training is a good solution for companies and organisations that want to familiarise internal auditors quickly and properly with the theory and practice of ISO 9001 and audit techniques, or who want to refresh the expertise of their existing auditors.
The fact that the Binding Site can now evaluate their own quality management system strengthens their quality management. With the Pauwels Consulting certificate after the training, the participants can also demonstrate their suitability as internal auditors.
Luc is the ideal trainer for this, as he has obtained the additional certificate of QMS ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor. Just like all our other QMS consultants, he is therefore engaged daily in implementing and auditing quality management systems. We share these years of experience in the form of tips, cases and interactive exercises. We also guide and support the auditors during a ‘real’ internal audit. Thanks to this practice-oriented approach, the theory becomes much easier to remember.
Finally, an in-company or in-house training at the client’s is also cheaper and more practical than several people participating in courses with open registration. We can also tailor our in-company training more closely to our clients.
Can companies also count on Pauwels Consulting for other training courses? 
We offer various in-house training courses that are guided by experienced experts from various fields within Life Sciences, Engineering and IT. We respond to current trends and needs, such as Lean IPD, (Site) Safety or MES. So don’t worry, there’s something for everyone!
That’s clear! Amélia, Luc and Koen, thank you for your answers, and good luck with your courses.   

ISO 9001 course

Would you like to give your quality management a boost, and follow an ISO 9001 course? Or would you like to organise an interactive training for a larger team in your company? Contact us below. We are happy to help!

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Pauwels Consulting takes over Science@Work

23 Sep 2022

Pauwels Consulting’s fourth acquisition on the Dutch market is yet another example of its ambitious growth. And yet there is more to it than just an eagerness to acquire another company. Science@Work is a unique player that matches the DNA of Pauwels Consulting Group perfectly. We asked Pauwels Consulting Managing Director Bert Pauwels and Science@Work Director Dirk Burgmans about their plans.  


Science@Work’s position in the market is goal-oriented and efficient. What makes you unique? 

Dirk: We specialise in laboratory and science staff. The big difference with other generic players is that we all come from the industry ourselves. Our roots lie in the lab, so we are in a perfect position to accurately assess what a jobseeker is looking for in a job and what a client wants to see in a new employee. 

Bert, that personal approach and Science@Work expertise, are they what sparked your collaboration?

Bert: Yes, very clearly. I am always amazed when outsiders point out to me that rapid, aggressive acquisitions also constitute growth. However, the problem is not so much the number of acquisitions. It is the quality that counts. My focus is on culture, quality and the way people approach things. 

It goes far beyond the financial transaction and contracts. Long-term collaboration is the essence, and a cultural fit and the pursuit of quality are absolutely crucial. When I spoke to the people at Science@Work, I really felt we are all on the same wavelength.  

Dirk, Science@Work is a solid story of organic growth. How does a sales process fit into all this? 

Dirk: When we started talking, we weren’t specifically looking for an acquisition, but the Pauwels Consulting organisation really appealed to us very quickly. We really like the specialisations and the different industries it serves, for example. That really suited us, but it was the company vision and philosophy that convinced us most. 

Also important is the quality Pauwels strives for in its long-term relationships with its own employees and clients. That is so much better than pure and simple profit and profit optimisation. After all, we are together serving an industry that is largely about quality.

Bert: Science@Work brings additional specialisation to the group. Last year, it gave over 450 people a new job. That is exactly why together we offer unique hybrid expertise. Whereas we provide quality in consultancy and the secondment of specialised staff, Science@Work offers more of a mix to the market. 

After all, it is the clients who lead the way, and that is precisely where our future collaboration adds huge value. The war for talent is a given, but the jobs to be done are the same. We can respond much more quickly than the competition and make proactive contributions to the client with solutions for the market.

Specialisation and full-service solutions – do they sum up your model? 

Dirk: Professional knowledge and the assurance of this knowledge remains very important in the scientific sector. However, there are certain specialisations that consultancy is very suitable for. Preclinical research, for example, takes a long time, so clients usually attract permanent employees for that. However, there is a huge need for additional professional knowledge in this wider area, which the labour market currently is unable to meet. We can’t allow these companies’ growth to stagnate. I see potential for traditional consultancy here.

Pauwels Consulting and supporting that growth of the Dutch market seem like a match made in heaven?

Bert: Absolutely, our ambition was to build a company in the Netherlands of the same reputation and scale as in Belgium. And that always leads us back to that unique DNA of ours, which enables us to offer our clients solutions in the life sciences, engineering and IT industries. 

We have been active in the latter two fields for some time in the Netherlands, but Science@Work has made the portfolio complete. We already had a strong regional presence throughout the Netherlands across several fields, with three offices in the market and now Amsterdam as a hub. 

And is it right to say that Science@Work has been making inroads in Belgium for some time now?

Dirk: We adopt the same approach and philosophy in Belgium, in that we combine a targeted methodology with in-depth expertise and quality. Our highly experienced recruitment team in Belgium – not least our longstanding experts Ilse, Els and Goedele – have worked to bring about very rapid growth in the Belgian market. In this highly differentiated and specialised market, their years of experience and skill sets dovetail perfectly with the desires and preferences of both jobseekers and our Belgian customers. In this sense, we are the ideal partners for Pauwels Consulting, and we expect that both will complement each other to maximum effect in Belgium.

Companies are only as strong as their employees, so what do they have to gain from this acquisition?

Dirk: With more than 25 years on the clock, I have seen several companies grow from within. Science@Work started at my kitchen table, but we always had high ambitions. That was very clear right from the beginning. However, besides the business as such, I derive most energy from seeing our employees grow around me. 

That is exactly where the strength of this acquisition lies: it is a magnificent development, primarily for the people of Science@Work themselves. It is therefore the clear wish of the management team to stay on board and continue to guide growth.

Bert: I look at it in the same way. My motto is to challenge the status quo, which automatically leads us to growth. For the sake of clarity, this is a growth story for both our staff and our clients. If we all start pushing forward the things that can be improved together, we will automatically achieve a better professional situation for all parties. 

The result of this is obviously growth, but in an organic way with respect for all employees. That has been the Pauwels Consulting’s recipe for the past 23 years, and it will continue to be for a long time to come. People development is not a buzzword for us. We have an army of resources ready within the group to add substance to talent development at the most individual level. 

To me, that is what will make the difference in the future. It is my firm belief that Science@Work employees really make a difference to their clients. Just as our Pauwels Consulting employees challenge our clients on a daily basis with the aim of improving things for them.

Dirk: Our employees are a perfect fit for this structure. We provide our clients with laboratory research, quality assurance and regulatory and commercial positions in and around the lab. That is after all the essential purpose of merging our companies: to focus on the client’s interests. 

Finally, I understood that besides the organic added value for the two companies, there is also some healthy competition?

Bert: If you are referring to my invitation to Dirk and his team to take part in the Ghent marathon, then you are absolutely right. It is no secret that Pauwels Consulting has a big heart for sport. Cycling, workouts in the office, padel with the staff, running competitions … We do it all.

Dirk: Challenge accepted, but be warned, because at Science@Work we also like going the extra mile. So, Bert, why not go straight for a half triathlon?

Bert: (laughs) Perhaps we can also take a pragmatic best of both worlds approach here and start with a quarter triathlon? 

Thank you for this interview, congratulations again on the acquisition and I wish you every success with your plans.

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Pauwels Consulting celebrates graduates Acceleration Program

14 Jun 2022

On May 31, 2022, Pauwels Consulting celebrated the graduates of the second edition of the Acceleration Program. The Acceleration Program is a high-paced training program for ambitious Pauwels Consultants who want to further hone their professional skills. We organise this yearly program in collaboration with Ormit Talent, our sister company specialized in talent development.

Big shout out to all graduates and the superb trainers of this program. It was a pleasure working with you, feeling your energy, watching you grow and hearing your wonderful feedback on this program. We’re confident you’ll put your newly acquired insights and skills to good use, and we look forward to watching you thrive in your future projects.

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Join our next Acceleration Program

Are you an ambitious Pauwels Consultant and do you want to step out of your comfort zone to take on the bumpy road to growth? Invitations for the third edition will go out at the end of the summer, so keep a close eye on your email, or go ahead and send us a message below. We’ll get in touch with you shortly to discuss your candidacy.

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Stef Bal launches the Green Challenge 2022

24 May 2022

Last year Pauwels Consulting launched the Green Challenge. During the week of World Bicycle Day (June 3rd) we encourage our consultants to leave their cars aside and travel by bike or on foot as much as possible. 

To motivate our colleagues even more, we will donate to Think Pink an amount based on all registered ‘green’ journeys in that week. The more hours our consultants are active, the bigger the amount for Think Pink!

We spoke with Stef Bal, the Pauwels consultant who last year recorded the most green hours. We are curious to see whether he will defend his title this year!

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Stef, can you introduce yourself? 

Stef‘I am Stef Bal, 29 years old and I am a Quality Engineer and Validation Expert.’

Interesting! What exactly do those jobs entail? 

Stef‘I started at Pauwels Consulting as a Validation Expert. In that function, I set up complex analyses and performed risk analyses.

I am currently working as a Quality Engineer on my project. The first months I was lab supervisor. A very varied job in which you deal with many stakeholders and often need to be able to switch quickly.

In the meantime, since February, I have been responsible for Quality Assurance and I handle customer complaints, audits and all other tasks related to quality assurance.’

"Pauwels Consulting is a big player, and that opens the door to big companies and interesting training opportunities."

How did you end up at Pauwels Consulting? 

Stef: ‘In 2020 it was time for the next step in my career. Through my professional network I came across an interesting vacancy at Pauwels Consulting. And look, now I have been working here for 2 years!’

And that makes us very happy! What are the advantages of working for us? 

Stef‘First of all, Pauwels Consulting is a big player, which opens the door to big companies and interesting training opportunities. The internal team is always available and follows up on me, which I would like to thank them for!

Furthermore, I’ve been able to work on a lot of different projects. I could never have gathered that experience as an internal employee, and that is precisely what makes a Pauwels Consultant so valuable.’

Last year you were the winner of our Green Challenge. Are you going to defend your title in 2022? 

Stef‘Of course I am going to defend my title. (laughs) Unfortunately I have less time this year, so it will be more difficult. But in the end, it’s all about the idea behind it. Getting out more, enjoying nature and getting to know your colleagues… Participating is already winning in the Green Challenge.’

Last year you collected 29 green hours in one week. How did you manage that?

Stef‘Wow, I had already forgotten that I had spent 29 hours exercising. Quite crazy actually! 

I mainly walked. I didn’t have a bike at the time and if I had to run all those hours, I would never have made it to the end of the week.’ (laughs)


"The Green Challenge is the ideal initiative to bring consultants closer together."

Why did you take part in the Green Challenge? 

Stef: ‘I thought it was a fun challenge and of course I also wanted to do my bit for a good cause. We all know someone who has had to deal with breast cancer, and Think Pink does wonderful things. And of course, sustainability is also important.

Enough reasons to participate! What did you like most about the Green Challenge? 

Stef: ‘The connection with my fellow consultants. We are usually so spread out that we do not always know who our colleagues are. Thanks to the Green Challenge I got to know other Pauwels Consultants via Strava, LinkedIn and other social media. So this is the ideal initiative to bring consultants closer together.

And finally, one more question: what is your ultimate tip for colleagues who also want to participate?

Stef: ‘Everything is about planning. Last year, I worked a full-time job and had a flexi-time on Fridays and Saturdays. So I had to plan in advance on which days I had to perform more in order to move as many hours as possible.

Hence my advice: motivate yourself, make a good plan and go for it. Go crazy!

Stef, thank you for this interview and your tips!

Will you break Stef’s record this year?

Do you, as a Pauwels Consultant, also want to raise money for Think Pink? Quickly check your mailbox, register on Strava and start warming up for the week of 30/5 to 5/6. We wish you the best of luck!

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Pauwels Blog

Koenraad Goddeau: an engineer with more than one passion

10 May 2022

Technical Engineer Koenraad Goddeau has now been a permanent member of the Pauwels Consulting team for nine years. But did you know that he also has a truly fascinating hobby?

We had an interesting conversation with Koenraad about engineering, childhood dreams and zythology, so if you are curious about what zythology is, find out below!


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Hi, Koenraad. Perhaps you can introduce yourself to our readers?

Koenraad Goddeau: Of course. My name is Koenraad Goddeau, I’m 50 years old and I live in Gooik with my partner and three children. I’ve worked for Pauwels Consulting since 2013, and at the moment I’m a Project Engineer.

What does a Project Engineer do exactly?

Koenraad Goddeau: I have a wide range of responsibilities in construction projects, both for new-builds and for conversions: method statements, material takeoffs, tenders, site organisation and site follow-up, safety and so on.

It’s all part of my day-to-day job. I’m also setting up a team that offers supporting engineering activities: the Engineering Technical Services Team.

How did you come to work at Pauwels Consulting?

Koenraad Goddeau: After I got my degree in Electromechanics, I took a one-year specialisation course in Control Theory. After a while I had the opportunity to join an international service team in the nuclear industry. That was a really great experience! 

After that, I worked as an international Commissioning Engineer for a company specialising in dust explosion protection. That was also very interesting.

After ten years of travelling, I decided to take on a challenge that was a bit closer to home. And that’s how I entered the exciting world of engineering consulting. I’ve now been a member of the Pauwels Consulting family for nine years.

"At the 2021 World Beer Awards in London, Goyck was awarded best beer in the 'Sour/Wild Ale' category."

You also have another passion besides engineering. What do you do in your spare time?

Koenraad Goddeau:

My hobby is beer brewing. My brewery Toots has marketed three beers already. The first beer is called Toots. It was named after Belgium’s national treasure, jazz musician Toots Thielemans. It’s a beer of high fermentation with a fairly low alcohol content and a subtle citrus aroma, which we achieved through dry hopping with Nelson Sauvin hop from New Zealand.

The second beer, Goyck, is the result of my collaboration with the Lindemans brewery. It’s a 5% blended beer that’s based on both Toots and a smooth Lambic. The last beer, the Belgian AmBassadeur, is a tripel made with green, freshly picked Saaz hop from the Czech Republic, which we brew only once every two years.

How interesting. So how did you become interested in beer brewing?

Koenraad Goddeau: I actually rolled from one hobby into another. (Laughs) About twenty years ago, I opened my own pub. It was my childhood dream, and I really wanted to expand my knowledge about beer. So I took a course in zythology, which is a different name for beerology, to become a beer expert. We brewed the Belgian AmBassadeur Beer as my graduation project. I loved it so much that I signed up for a brewing course.

And it paid off because you won a major award in 2021.

Koenraad Goddeau: That’s right. Goyck was named the best beer in the Sour/Wild Ale category at the World Beer Awards 2021 in London. It was a unique experience that I’m obviously very proud of. 

What’s also great is that it’s a collaboration with the Lindemans brewery. Geert Lindemans and I are both from Gooik and he’s a close friend of mine.

Do you have any special brewing plans in the near future?

Koenraad Goddeau: We celebrated what would have been Toots Thielemans’ 100th birthday on 29 April 2022, and we’ve launched a special edition of Toots in collaboration with the Toots Thielemans Private Foundation. We added a photo of Toots to our logo on the label and the foundation is selling the beer at a wide range of events. This autumn, we’re also launching a fourth beer: Saison Robert.

Before we say goodbye, could you tell us where our readers can buy the Toots brewery beers?

Koenraad Goddeau: Firstly, we have our own website and webstore: Goyck is also available in the Lindemans brewery’s webstore. And of course, you can also find our beers at local specialised beer retailers.

I’m looking forward to tasting them! Thank you for this lovely chat, and good luck with the Toots brewery and your work at Pauwels Consulting, of course.

Would you like to drink a nice glass of Toots, Goyck or Ambassador? Quickly order your favorite at

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Pauwels Consulting is a Trends Gazelle 2022

03 May 2022

Every year, Trends Magazine puts the spotlight on companies that have experienced remarkable growth. Per province 250 Trends Gazelles are chosen, based on their growth in added value, staff and cash flow. This year, Pauwels Consulting has been nominated again, for the twelfth time. And of course, we are very happy about that. We would like to give our employees the floor, because they made this possible!

Join the fun!

Would you also like to work for a company that is committed to healthy growth and the welfare of its employees? Then take a look at our vacancies page and apply. See you soon!

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Tailor-made talent development: The Pauwels Consulting Training Programs

22 Apr 2022

Finding talented employees for technical and technological bottleneck professions is not easy. That is why at Pauwels Consulting we consciously focus on talent development and competence training.

We do this by means of Training Programs, tailor-made for our consultants and our clients. From now on, we do not search feverishly for the perfect match between consultants and projects – we create that match by training and coaching the most suitable consultants in a goal-oriented way.

We caught up with Koen De Borle, our new Training Program Manager, and asked him about the advantages of the Pauwels Consulting Training Program for customers and consultants.

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Koen, you recently made a switch within Pauwels Consulting. You are now the very first Training Program Manager. Congratulations! Can you tell us more about your new role? 

Koen De Borle: Thank you! My new role is an exciting combination of new challenges and acquired insights in the consulting world. Previously, I worked as a Recruiter and Account Manager in the Engineering Unit. Now I am focusing on talent development and managing our Training Programs, through which we as a company aim to meet the changing needs and trends in our industry.

On the one hand, we see a scarcity of qualified personnel to fill the needs of our business partners in a timely manner. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find candidates who have all the required skills, and who are quickly and fully available. On the other hand, we see the need for consultants to develop skills they currently lack.

Our Training Programs provide a solution for both parties. In an adapted service model, we now develop custom learning solutions for young & high potentials. This enables us to prepare them for specific projects in a targeted way. A win-win situation for our consultants and our clients.

"We constantly monitor our consultants and actively encourage them to continuously develop their talents so that we can ensure that 'perfect fit.' "

What exactly are these ‘custom learning solutions’? 

Koen: Our Training Programs are custom programs in which we optimally gear the knowledge, expertise and skills of our consultants to the needs of our clients. The duration of these programs can vary between a few months and 2 years. During this time, we guide our trainee consultants with a team of coaches, trainers, mentors and experts.

We have been stimulating active learning and talent development in our organization for some time. We have our own Pauwels Consulting Academy with seminars and webinars that our consultants are free to attend. We have also embarked on the digital road with some pilot projects in the field of e-learning. We have also been working for years with external training partners and a team of internal expert trainers.

And now we are literally going a step further. In our Training Programs we constantly follow up on our consultants and actively encourage them to develop their talents. In this way we can continue to guarantee the perfect fit with new projects.

Koen De Borle, Training Program Manager at Pauwels Consulting

That sounds interesting! What are the main benefits of the new Training Programs for the customer? 

Koen: Our new Training Programs enable us to prepare our consultants for new projects in a targeted way. So we no longer have to look for the perfect white ravens; we find suitable consultants and prepare them for their next projects.

Our clients get consultants who match their projects almost perfectly in terms of skills, knowledge and mindset, now and in the future. That is a strong added value at a time when the newspapers are full of the war on talent, and literally everyone is having a hard time finding suitable employees.

Because we have a strong network of consultants and can quickly set up Training Programs, we can quickly help our customers meet urgent needs. At the same time, we can also provide a good match for the long term because our clients have a direct say in the development of our consultant(s) in their teams.

"Our clients no longer have to search for the perfect candidate for their projects. You often can't find those anyway. We look for a good match, and we create the perfect fit through individual training and personal guidance from our consultants."

What skills are taught? 

Koen: Attitude is key, skills can be trained. At Pauwels Consulting we are completely convinced of that. Our recruiters therefore screen and qualify new candidates primarily based on their DNA. It has to match the DNA of Pauwels Consulting and the DNA and values of our clients. If we find such a high potential, we start up a Training Program.

We focus on 2 types of skills: knowledge and professional skills that need to be acquired to be able to do the job optimally, and soft skills that enable a seamless collaboration with the client’s team.

These professional skills, by the way, are constantly changing. After all, the current technological revolution means that our customers have to adapt even faster to an increasingly complex reality. Digitization, internet of things, AI, robotization and other developments constantly require new knowledge and skills from employees.

In such a changing environment, human skills are also becoming increasingly important. Emotional intelligence, modern communication and collaboration skills, proactivity, dealing with change and new digital tools, data and project handling… These are just a few key skills we can make a difference with. We ensure that our consultants are an optimal fit for our clients, in the short and long term.

Barbara De Greve, Account Manager Engineering at Pauwels Consulting

Sounds good! You’ve already indicated it a bit, but what are the benefits of the Training Programs for consultants? 

Koen: Our consultants receive in-depth coaching, training and mentoring with a strong focus on talent development. In this way they acquire skills that are currently scarce on the market. Here you can think of technical skills such as IT development, process validation and CSV, design engineering, prototyping, automation and project management, but also soft skills such as stress resistance, resilience, communication and collaboration.

Because every consultant is different, we work towards individual learning goals. We provide personal guidance and test the acquired knowledge and skills in modern and demanding settings by working together with professionals, peers and fellow trainees.

Young potentials get the chance to develop their talents through a tailor-made program, and high potentials can also further develop their career and gain additional knowledge and experience. At Pauwels Consulting, the growth and talent development of our consultants is more central than ever! This creates a win-win-win for our consultants, our clients and Pauwels Consulting as a company.

"We screen candidates to check whether their DNA matches that of Pauwels Consulting and the DNA and values of our clients. If that click is there, we make sure that our people's talent is developed further. Attitude is key, skills can be trained.

You mention young and high potentials. Who exactly qualifies for the Training Program?  

Koen: We focus for these programs on candidates who want to develop further or transform themselves within a particular expertise. These can be people of 25, 37 or 44 years of age. Age is not a deal breaker with us. We are looking for consultants who want to build on their level of knowledge at leading companies and give their best.

Some tips for interested candidates: curiosity and the ability to learn quickly will be decisive selection criteria, as will perseverance and a positive mindset. We screen for the skills that are key to success today: emotional intelligence, collaborative skills and the ability to handle change. If candidates have the right attitude, we can further develop the right skills with our Training Programs.

That’s all completely clear, Koen! Thank you for this interview and good luck with the roll-out of the Training Programs within Pauwels Consulting!

Maarten De Soete, participant Training Program

At Pauwels Consulting we are proud of our newest service that meets the scarcity in the candidate market and the development needs of our consultants.

Would you like to participate in a Pauwels Consulting Training Program? Check out our webpage, discover the benefits and contact us today to develop your talents.

Are you interested in discussing the benefits for you as a business partner? Contact our Training Program Manager Koen De Borle via the form below.

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